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Beginning Writers

Wondering about a cheap high performing fountain pen? Are you a ‘ball’ pen writer? Have you discovered the magic of ‘liquid ink’ rollerballs? We’ve put together a list of what we’ve found through testing and customer feedback to be the best quality, lowest priced pens we offer. Value abounds.

Fountain Pens for Beginning Writers

Cross Bailey Light $25

Cross committed to beginning fountain pen writers in 2019 in a big way. They drove the cost down to just $25 for a lightweight fun little pen.

Parker-Jotter-fountain-pen-6-5Parker Jotter $30

Parker has 127 years of experience making quality pens. This fountain pen at the low cost of $30 is no exception. Choose this brand and you’ll have plenty of choices to move up the quality ladder within the Parker brand.

Monza3-6-5MTV Monza3 $30

Really? Three nib choices in fashionable colors. This is a must buy if you want to experiment with different nibs.

ink-blockLiquid Velvet

After years of searching and testing, Colorado Pen introduces our own private label ink from deep in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Drawing this velvety, specially formulated ink into your favorite fountain pen.

Ballpoint Pens for Beginning Writers

Fisher-Cap-o-matic-brassFisher Cap-O-Matic Raw Brass $24

Paul Fisher introduced his chrome Bullet Pen in 1948. His innovative thinking led to the development of the Space Pen in the 1960s. With its pressurized ink cartridge, it could write upside down, under water, through grease and in zero-gravity vacuum of outer space. This unique Cap-O-Matic is an out of this world ballpoint.

Bailey_Light-ballpointCross Bailey Light $20

The lightweight glossy resin is vibrant and forward looking. Don’t let the amazing value deceive you as these Bailey Lights are made to the exacting standards Cross is known for. Delight in the colors and the low price! Cross ballpoint refills are famous for their writing please.

Parker-Jotter-ballpoints-6-4Parker Jotter $20

As far back as 1959, Parker Jotter ballpoints sold out quickly. Parker urged its faithful customers to, “stock up quickly”. We urge you to do the same. The Parker arrow clip has been updated and the famous "Jotter Click" has been fine tuned. Ballpoint writing….never was cheaper!

Monteverde-Aldomani-BallpointsAldo Domani $30

Twist and shout . . .. . . for joy! Each time you use your new Monteverde Aldo Domani twist-top ballpoint pen. This simple pen holds the iconic Parker-style refill, available in three point sizes, ink types and a rainbow of colors. Ballpoint writing with a classy look.

Rollerballs for Beginning Writers

cross-bailey-rollerballsCross Bailey Light $23

Don’t let the amazing value deceive you as these Bailey Lights are made to the exacting standards Cross is known for. Exclusive Gel Ink Rollerball formula flows freely like a fountain pen. An interesting option for Cross rollerball pens is the ability to converter the refill to a Cross ballpoint. This allows one to have a two piece pen but still enjoy ballpoint writing if desired.

Regal-British-Museum-Rollerballs-6-5Regal British Museum $40

The simple svelte body is crafted from resin over copper. Beautifully balanced and a joy to hold. The rollerball will accept any of our best-selling Monteverde refills. Priced at just $40 for the rollerball, you should consider buying both colors as surely a friend will beg you to borrow yours.

Monteverde-Aldomani-Rollerballs-6-5Aldo Domani $35

The new Monteverde Aldo Domani rollerball pen fits a standard sized refill available from many manufacturers in three point sizes and a wealth of colors. A simple, stately look at an affordable price. Order a few for unexpected gift-giving occasions.

Schmidt-Capless-Rollerball-6-4Schmidt $45

Schmidt produces these delightful click-top one piece rollerballs to inexpensively introduce consumers to their capless ink technology. This click-top pen uses Schmidt's ceramic ball technology; smooth writing doesn't get any better than this.


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