In 1923, the original Conklin Duragraph was named by combining the words, durable and graph and quickly became one of Conklin’s most essential designs. 

The new Nights collection brings that classic sensibility to the modern era with a stunning, yet highly affordable design in either Orange or Purple. Crafted from quality handmade resins, the Duragraph is substantial in size, yet not so large to be unwieldy in the hand. 

Priced like 1928

Offered at an astounding $55, the Duragraph ballpoint pen continues to stand for value. The ballpoint accepts standard Parker style refills. Dozens of ballpoint refills are available and shown with the pen.

Conklin Duragraph Ballpoint Orange Nights


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  • Overall Size - 5 1/2 in. x 5/8 in. (140mm x 17mm)
  • Weight - 30 g
  • Composition - Acryrlic resin
  • Appointments - Chrome
  • Engraving - The resin of this pen is engraved and then filled with a silver color to match the appointments. - Learn more about custom laser engraving


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