For Cross fountain pen bottled ink users  

The Cross Converter for Bottled Ink allows you to load bottled ink into your Cross fountain pen instead of loading an ink cartridge. Many fountain pens have a converter included when you purchase the pen. However, sometimes it is not included or the converter has been misplaced. If you are unsure of the correct converter for your particular fountain pen, check your brand of pen in our "Ink and Refill" section or call our customer service representatives for assistance. For use in Apogee, ATX, Bailey, Beverly, Botanica, Century II, Forever Pearl, Peerless 125 & Sauvage Fountain Pens.

Cross Screw Convertor for Bottled Ink - For ATX and Dragon

  • Overall Size - 3 1/16 in. x 5/16 in. (77mm x 8mm)
  • Weight - 5 g
  • Replaces the Cross Standard Ink Cartridges

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