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720.259.1601 Friendly, experienced Customer Service standing by 8-2 p.m. M.T.


A free fountain pen cleaning
from Your Friends at Colorado Pen

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a Repair service 

We get an amazing number of fountain pens sent to our offices in Colorado for cleaning. This pleases us beyond description. Almost all of these pens arrive with a detailed note explaining what may be wrong with their pen and why they’ve regrettably, stopped using them. That helps us immensely.

Print our 'Fountain Pen Cleaning Form' to get started.

How it works

First, we disassemble and soak the pen. After usually two days of soaking and rinsing, the nib and feed go into a warm ultrasonic bath of cleaning solution. This loosens the tiny ‘crusties’ of pigment residue rinsing just won’t dislodge. Once it's completely cleaned to like new condition, the pen is reassembled and extensively tested. We ship the pen back with your pen’s writing test and any suggestions if needed.

What We Don’t Do

If your fountain pen needs parts or service, this is not the service for you. We extensively clean, fill and test your pen. We are amazing at getting very old pens to work but only if cleaning is all that is required.

IMPORTANT: We do not repair or replace any parts which may be needed. This is strictly a cleaning service. We cannot possibly have the broken clip or cap instock at our warehouse. Broken pens will be returned without cleaning services. Your brand will gladly replace parts. We have links here for you to request repair services directly.

We service several hundred customer requests each year to clean your fountain pens. This not only pleases us to offer this service, but it provides us a methodical way to see the condition of these pens. The knowledge base this provides is amazing.

Good information you should review before sending your pen.

Reasons a fountain pen will perform poorly.

1. Our customers will send a pen and a note which says, “Flows very poorly and at times, not at all”.

About 75% of the pens sent with this notation are simply severely clogged. If they have a converter in place it too is clogged. Upon disassembly and inspection, the feed will be clogged. The reasons this occurs are due to not capping a pen when not in use or, not flushing the nib/feed often. We recommend the nib/feed be flushed every two ‘fills’. That means every two cartridges or fills of your converter. Especially if you use a converter. Flush the converter until it runs clear and then after flushing the nib/feed, fill the converter will clear water and flush the water out through the nib. Do this until it emerges clear.

2. “My pen will not start to flow when I insert a new cartridge. It skips”

This is almost always due to not fully inserting the cartridge. Here’s how. Place the cartridge on your desk with the ‘business end’ up. Now place the forepart of the pen on the cartridge. Push down until you feel a ‘click’. Further push the cartridge with your hand to be certain it is solidly against the base of the forepart. If any air enters this seal, the ink may not flow consistently. 95% of the pens sent with this described issue are perfectly fine. The cartridge or converter must be placed tightly against the forepart.

Please consider using our preferred fountain pen cleaning fluid which is Monteverde Fountain Pen Flush. We use this with our ultrasonic bath at a solution of just 20% Flush to water. If you just want to soak your nib and feed in a cup, this Flush at 100% strength will get at all the little bits of pigment left behind. And there is a lot. Rinse after soaking and then flush with a clear converter or under a steady stream of water.

Print our 'Fountain Pen Cleaning Form' to get started.