Gotcha covered   

Got the old Schmidt 888 rollerball refill? Got a Waterford rollerball pen or a Sheaffer that takes the slim rollerball refill? Got an Aurora rollerball? How about a Ferrari, or a Visconti? It's a great extra to add to corporate rollerball gifts. This Monteverde rollerball refill has gotcha covered, with a fine, medium or broad point and ten different colors. Measure your old refill and if it is about 4-3/8" (111 mm) and the basic shape is the same, join the crowds of customers who have made this our number one selling rollerball refill.

Monteverde Rollerball Refill

  • Overall Size - 4 3/8 in. x 1/4 in. (111mm x 6mm)
  • Weight - 5 g
Save up to 20%
Mix & Match any type, color or point size
Buy 5 Save 5% - 10 Save 10% - 20 Save 20%


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