Q1. Which refill fits my multi-pen? 
A: 99% of multi-pens will use the Monteverde mini Soft-roll ballpoint refill.

This category deals primarily with mechanical pens and pencils which featured two or more writing options. Typical would be a multi-pen which has four opportunities to fill. Most common would be three ink colors and a pencil. The refills for all of the possibilities are similar in fit so you can swap a pda stylus where there was originally a ballpoint refill.



Q2. What options in multi-pen refills are available and how can I maximize my multi-pen's usage? 

A: This is a liquid soft-roll ballpoint. It is available in 11 bright colors and your choice of medium and broad points, and as a PDA Stylus Refill.

Monteverde mini soft-roll ballpoint refill

Computer stylus refill for multi-pens


Q3. Do you sell pencil lead and eraser refills? 

A: Graphite, or 'lead' is rather generic. Some of our customers get used to a certain brand but most are concerned only with the correct width. We offer all common widths from .3mm, .5mm, .7mm, .9mm and 1.1mm. 

Erasers need to be purchased based upon your brand and then the model name of your pencil. Each eraser is specific to the pen model. Unfortunately, due to the small demand for mechanical pencils these days, many of the manufacturers have discontinued production and we are unable to supply them. 

Pencil lead