5280 Majestic Collection

5280 Majestic Collection

Variety IS the Spice of Life

The range of finishes and trims on the 5280 Majestic collection is amazing and quite novel. Take the PVD gunmetal ceramic coated 5280 Majestic Pinstripe. Created in honor of Adolph Coors, the "cold mountain brewing giant", and the ceramic business that kept him afloat during prohibition. Popular purple and blue colors have semi-transparent lacquer over a subtle herringbone pattern. These bright color finishes, as well as the shiny black lacquer and the carbon fiber model are all trimmed in silver rhodium. The unique copper model is trimmed in rose gold. This pen is a stunner. Select from fountain pen, rollerball or twist-top ballpoint. All the 5280 Majestic finishes are awe inspiring.

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