Fountain Pen Writing

Fountain Pen Writing

Handcrafted American Made Fountain Pens

Liquid ink writing is unlike any other. The free flow of ink onto the page is most rewarding to us fountain pen writers. This is the foundation behind the Minimalist Ink Pen and our Independence fountain pen.

These fountain pens feature a German made Schmidt steel nib commonly found on $250 - $450 pens. 

American Pen Company wanted to bring this nib to the market in a pen at a dramatically lower price. The Minimalist is an indestructible capped fountain pen that can reside safely in pocket or purse. The body is machined from a solid rod of Stainless Steel. It can take any amount of abuse and still be a high-performance writer. Simply insert a standard international cartridge and you’re set to go. Even better, choose any ink in your stock and fill with a converter. Those simple two ball bearings prevent the Minimalist from rolling away.

The APC Independence is more suited to the executive suite. Crafted from a solid bar of resin and then covered in a proprietary coating it’s guaranteed to be the highlight of every meeting. Handcrafted in America, it can be compared to others at twice the price. An ingenious magnetic capping system eliminates a weak point of many pens; the threads. The clip is made from a solid bar of steel to ensure it never breaks. Independence ships with a custom-made Colorado Beetle Kill Pine Pen Rest. Crafted from recycled wood, by hand, right here in Colorado.