Independence Fountain Pen

Independence Fountain Pen

You can have it all

What do you desire most in a fountain pen? Perfect balance, a durable scratch resistant finish, a clip designed to never break; ever. How about a fluid nib that lays down your thoughts effortlessly. Well, you are among friends here. We've specified the best stainless steel and 18k nibs money can buy. Produced in Germany, under our specifications. These nibs are guaranteed performers.

You can choose fine, medium or broad in our 18k nib. Or, choose the steel nib and add the extra fine to your choices. Every pen comes with a converter for using bottled ink.

Stainless steel or 18k gold nib?

Think wool versus cashmere—both get the job done, but whereas wool is durable and long-lasting, cashmere is one step finer and more luxurious. A more firm or less-experienced hand will likely prefer the reliability of stainless steel; a soft, flexible gold nib may better suit a lighter touch.

Made here

The Independence Collection, our first, is a line of pens engineered and hand-crafted unlike anything else on the market. Explore the benefits we've designed into Independence and see for yourself what a value we've built. After you choose your pen, it will be packed into an eco-friendly package made of Colorado Beetle Kill Pine that doubles as your pen rest.

We invite you to join us in the creation of a legacy as we combine the oldest known human art with the mechanical advantages of modern society; a fine quality writing instrument that's Made Here.

American Pen Company offers 18k gold nibs in Fine, Medium, and Broad points. In addition to those sizes, stainless steel nibs are also available in Extra Fine point.

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