Limited Edition Valentine's Set

Limited Edition Valentine's Set

Highlight your Love 

Valentine’s is a fun time if you have that ‘special someone’. Finding the perfect gifts, ensures a happy holiday. Acquiring a unique gift takes it  to a whole other level. This Limited Edition APC Minimalist ballpoint and 5.6mm highlighter is just such a gift.

Limited to Just 35 Sets

This ballpoint and 5.6mm highlighter from APC whimsically  displays all the heartwarming words from those Valentine’s cards of our youth: Be Mine, Hugs, XOXO, and I Love You, are just a few of the nostalgic lines.

The Minimalist ballpoint features a common mini ballpoint refill. The unique 5.6 mm highlighter    guarantees no bleed-through. The body shape is a pleasure to hold. The minimalistic design is   classic. And finally, we’ve included one refill each of graphite, yellow, green and orange highlighter refills. Who knows which shade of highlighter your Valentine will favor?

Share your Love

Each pen set has an area reserved for you to add your own personal message. It’s limited to two lines and about 30 characters/spaces. Each unique pen will be numbered from 01 to 35.

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