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An Italian first 

It was 1919, the year the treaty of Versailles was signed. Italy, marked by a post-war crisis, bubbled with great hopes for recovery. In Torino, the first steps down a long road were taken with the birth of Aurora and the creation of the first true Italian fountain. A textile merchant saw the crystallization of a dream he had long meditated and planned. Now the Aurora trademark represents designs and materials which are tangible examples of the most refined pens made in Italy. 

  • Aurora Ipsilon Demo

    Which Color Are You?

    The Ipsilon has been a staple in the Aurora brand for over twenty years. For many consumers, the Ipsilon was a likely introduction to the fountain pen world, as its vibrant colors, quality and price hit the mark for new writing enthusiasts. 

    Now, Ipsilon advances to a Demo front section and matching ink bottle for the Holidays.With a fresh mix of new colors and a novel ink view that’s sure to get attention, the Ipsilon Demo Colors is available in yellow, orange and green with gold trim and red, turquoise and violet with silver trim. The front section offers a clear view of the ink flowing from the ink chamber and the channel through the feed and into your nib. Stainless steel nib sizes are fine, medium and broad. The pens are shipped with a cartridge and converter. And as a Holiday Gift with Purchase, a 55ml bottle of Aurora’s ink. This is a limited time offer.

  • Aurora Duo Cart Fountain Pen

    Faithful to the Original

    In the early Fifties, fountain pens had several methods to fill them with an ink supply. None were all that convenient. The ink quantity was rather small. The disposable ink cartridge was not yet widely sold. Then, the Duo Cart made its debut. With not just one cartridge but a spare, hence the name ‘Duo Cart’.  The Aurora Design Department, reinterpreting the style of that period, designed a fountain pen with a classic Fifties tapered look. The hooded nib of the original is faithfully reproduced as well. The hooded nib is a medium.

    The box is a ‘throwback’ design in black leatherette. The Duo Cart fountain pen arrives with a converter, two cartridges and a Certificate of Authenticity from Aurora.

    A matching rollerball is available. The pair make a stunning set and display a design philosophy which has regained strength due to its original purity.

  • Aurora Optima

    Exceptional Craftsmanship

    If show-stopping beauty and perfect performance are essential from your writing instruments, then the Aurora Optima is the pen to choose. Made in Italy and beloved across the globe, Aurora has for more than a century been producing these jewelry grade pens.

    Combining a rich heritage and artisan skill with forward-thinking design and technology, Aurora creates pieces that are a dream for writing enthusiasts. They manufacture their own nibs, and every pen is turned, polished, assembled, and tested by hand. This attention to detail ensures a superior quality result; put an Aurora fountain pen to paper and your notes will be noticed.

    The Optima fountain pen is a piston fill and features Aurora's respected 14k gold nib. Rollerballs refill with excellent options in many different colors

  • Aurora Fountain Pens

    Aurora fountain pens are made in Florence, Italy. Craftsmen with decades of experience form the highest quality materials into treasured writing instruments. Aurora fountain pens are sold in extra fine, fine, medium and broad nibs. Aurora offers fountain pens in both steel and gold nibs. All Aurora fountain pens will accept cartridges or can be used with a converter and bottled ink. A few rare collector pens are bottled ink only.

  • Aurora Rollerballs

    Aurora rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design. Your Aurora rollerball pen will also accept spring-loaded fineliners, standard fineliners as well as a broad selection of Schmidt and Monteverde rollerball refills. Some refills come in as many as eight color choices.

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