First established in 1898 in Toledo, Ohio, the Conklin Pen company began manufacturing in the golden era of fountain pens.  Founder Roy Conklin registered the patent for the first working automatic filling mechanism. In 2019 an experienced pen producer in the U.S. purchased the Conklin brand. New materials and technology are now used to produce these original Conklin designs so highly valued by collectors and pen enthusiasts throughout the world.

  • Conklin All American Courage Ltd. Ed.

    During this COVID-19 world-wide pandemic, the Conklin pen company is honoring our amazing front line medical professionals, EMS, police, firefighters, National Guard, truck drivers, grocery stores employees and so many more. Conklin salutes your genuine courage, dedication, and resiliency.  You are the superheroes with a quality of spirit and mind that enables you to face danger and pain just to help save human lives.

    The Conklin Courage™ collection consists of six distinctive fountain and ballpoint pens in red, white and black resins. A special edition designed middle ring adorns a color-filled engraving of a heartbeat. It pairs with a clip featuring the famous rod of Asclepius. This symbol of Hippocrates’s oath is plated in three finishes: rosegold with black resin, gunmetal with white and chrome on the striking red. 

    Fountain pens are equipped with Conklin’s premium stainless steel JoWo nib in extra fine, fine, medium or broad widths. An ink bottle unique to this edition will be included with each fountain pen. The ballpoint is the respected twist-action deployment Conklin uses in all ballpoints. It refills with the commonly available Parker-Style refill which is available in dozens of colors and points sizes.

    Every fountain pen purchase will include a commemorative lapel pin matching the pen’s clip.  It can be worn with pride and display gratitude to our courageous front-line responders. To top it all off, the Special Limited Edition Conklin Courage Collection is presented in a specially designed deluxe luxury gift box.

  • Conklin Limited Edition All American Golden Walnut

    Missouri Grown Golden Walnut

    Conklin® is proud to introduce the Limited Edition Golden Walnut into the All American Collection; an oversized collection of pens. Production is limited to a run of 1898 pieces.

    Each pen displays its own unique wood grain. These hand selected pieces of walnut wood originated in Missouri. This walnut is exquisitely accented with warm Rose Gold trim. Each pen is engraved along the barrel with the Conklin trademark and All American logo. The backside of the cap displays a limited edition number exclusive to each pen. 

    The fountain pens are outfitted with a smooth black JoWo nib, displaying the brand name and marked with special crescent-shaped breathing holes unique to Conklin. Every fountain pen is individually tested by quality control teams to ensure a great customer experience. 

    A limited-edition run of 1898 pieces, the All American™ Golden Walnut is available in fountain pen and Rollerball. Available nibs are fine, medium and broad The fountain pen uses our standard international cartridges; a converter is included. The rollerball accepts standard refills. Your Conklin All American Walnut arrives in a luxury gift box.

  • Conklin Heritage Word Gauge

    90 Years of History
    Did you know that the Heritage Word Gauge™ Collection evolved from another famous Conklin® pen? The Word Gauge began as a variation of the classic Conklin Nozac. The Nozac, a collection released in 1931, took the world by storm with their patented American made piston-filler system. This ‘no sac’ design gave the company great advantage over its competition, boasting an attractive slogan, “The pen that winds like a watch.” Due to their successes, some of the later models came affixed with an opaque window to view your ink level.

     In hopes of further demonstrating the great ink supply of its pens, Conklin® designed the Nozac Word Gauge™ in 1932. Featuring a similar design, the Word Gauge’s opaque window came engraved with numbered gradations to indicate how many words could be written with the remaining ink. By giving the user a visible ink supply and a gauge, an estimate could be made on how long the ink would continue to flow before the pen needed to be refilled. 

    Word Gauge 2020
    Now featuring a modern design with alluring colors, the Heritage Word Gauge™ boasts a transparent window in the barrel of each pen, a truly unique feature exclusively available with this collection. Each Word Gauge comes with a built-in piston-filling system for, “straight out of the bottle ink filling”. Simply dip your nib into the ink bottle and twist the piston located at the back end of the pen body. Filling your pen directly from a bottle allows limitless ink choices!

    Each Word Gauge™ is made from strong, unique resin and is available in three stunning colors: Black with sleek Gunmetal accents, Blue or Turquoise, both paired with chrome trim. Along the front of each barrel is the name of the collection, tastefully engraved. Word Gauge is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or OmniFlex™. The OmniFlex™ nib made by JoWo or Germany, allows the user to vary your line from very thin to very wide.

    The OmniFlex nib is in extremely limited supply due to unprecedented demand. We have stock on all three colors of the Word Gauge, but we could run out before a new shipment of nibs arrives. Please order with this in mind. Standard nibs are available.

  • Conklin Duraflex Limited Edition Elements

    Universally Valuable  

    This exciting new collection from Conklin features a universally flexible ‘Omniflex’ nib and can be yours for just $60. How’s that for striking?
    Earth, Water and Fire are the Elements featured in these three Limited Edition choices. Each ‘element’ incorporates deep, rich colors mixed with clear resins. Earth flashes black and brown with a black metal trim. Water shows pacific blues, forest greens and golden trim. The Fire combines flashing reds and ash black with shiny chrome trim.
    This unique Duraflex Elements Limited Edition is available in only 1,898 pieces per color. Each pen is uniquely etched with ‘Elements’ and its number on the resin barrel.

    About the Omniflex Nib
    If you choose the Omniflex nib you will find a new JoWo of Germany manufactured #6 nib. This nib is designed to be so flexible that you can choose from a very fine line to an extremely broad line; all it takes is slightly more pressure to broaden the stroke. Truly unique and especially at this remarkable price.
    The standard steel nib is offered in Extra Fine, Fine and Medium. The pen fills with standard international cartridges or use bottle ink with the included converter.

  • Conklin All American

    Better Than the Original

    One of the Conklin" Pen Company's oversized classic designs is back with new flair. If today's materials were available in the 1930s, there would surely have been a Conklin as bright and bold as these new editions. These stunning fountain pens and ballpoints are still the same great value from the 1930s. Crafted from handmade high-grade resin. 

    The fountain pen is fitted with an exclusive nib made by JoWo of Germany. Many collectors favor this nib for its outstanding flow and velvety smoothness. The proprietary cushion point nib displays the Conklin name and is individually tested by their quality control team to ensure a seamless writing experience. The fountain pen uses international cartridges or a converter which is included. The ballpoint accepts our popular Parker Style which is available in more than 10 colors and point sizes.

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