Conklin All American

Conklin All American

Better Than the Original

One of the Conklin" Pen Company's oversized classic designs is back with new flair. If today's materials were available in the 1930s, there would surely have been a Conklin as bright and bold as these new editions. These stunning fountain pens and ballpoints are still the same great value from the 1930s. Crafted from handmade high-grade resin. 

The fountain pen is fitted with an exclusive nib made by JoWo of Germany. Many collectors favor this nib for its outstanding flow and velvety smoothness. The proprietary cushion point nib displays the Conklin name and is individually tested by their quality control team to ensure a seamless writing experience. The fountain pen uses international cartridges or a converter which is included. The ballpoint accepts our popular Parker Style which is available in more than 10 colors and point sizes.

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