Old and new traditions 

A.T. Cross was founded in 1845 and initially manufactured gold and silver casing for pencils.  In 1879, they produced the first stylographic pen, a forerunner to the modern ballpoint. The introduction of the slim Century Classic was a defining moment for Cross. Cross has moved on to bigger and better things, while keeping some favorites. Take a close look at their oldest and newest collections. 

  • Cross 2020 Year of the Rat

    Year of the Rat Chinese Zodiac Special Edition

    The Chinese Zodiac or Sheng Xiao is based on a twelve-year cycle, which is the time it takes Jupiter to travel around the sun. During the Han Dynasty (202 BC to 220 AD), each Chinese Zodiac year was paired to an animal that represent the qualities of the people born under that sign.

    The Chinese Zodiac has played an important role in Chinese culture for over two millennia. Its animal symbols have been used in stories and folklore and are a window into your personality and a foreteller of prospects in love, luck, relationships, and success. Year of the Rat, in translucent blue lacquer laid over a solid barrel of brass celebrates birth years: 2020, 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936, and 1924. With this special-edition Sauvage pen, we celebrate those born under this auspicious sign and their character traits of imagination, intelligence, quick wit, and charm. Elaborate original artwork is etched into the translucent blue finish and filled with 23KT gold-plated inlays.

  • Cross Townsend for Scuderia Ferrari

    Race Across Your Page

    Whether you are on the track or off, this collection wraps the excitement of Scuderia Ferrari into a stunning writing instrument that fits like a glove as it races across any page. Its finishes were inspired by signature Scuderia Ferrari looks. The two-tone layered clip was custom-cut to recall the top-down view of the nose and cockpit of a Formula 1™ racecar. Cross engineering ensures its performance is as impressive as its style.

    Finished in brushed black PVD with a chemically etched Scuderia Ferrari honeycomb pattern and polished black PVD appointments. Features include a double band with red enamel detail, a perforated clip modeled after the nose and cockpit of a Formula 1™ racecar. This is all presented in a Scuderia Ferrari branded luxury gift box. Features a custom cut and layered Scuderia Ferrari inspired clip and two red color-filled insets at each end of the cap.

  • Cross Apogee

    Rollerball Riot

    Cross has discontinued one of our best selling, longest running collections ever. We’ve bought hundreds of the Apogee collection so we can offer these at an 80% savings.

    Yes, we said an 80% savings. Enjoy this savings while it This is strictly a Limited Time Offer. 

  • Cross Wanderlust

    Traveling Pen Pal

    Travelers are dreamers, drawn to infinite possibilities and the promise of discovery. Inspired by the visual masterpiece that is Planet Earth, Wanderlust evokes fiery canyons and ice-slicked mountaintops, crystal-blue seas and lush green rainforests. Natural wonders all. 

    The Maltese-inspired blue design is on white lacquer with gold-plated engravings and appointments. The Antelope Canyon-inspired design features white lacquer with gold-plated engravings and rose gold-plated appointments. The Borneo-inspired green design is on white lacquer with gold-plated engravings and appointments. Each an individual statement.

    Wanderlust features a patented design process which layers rich, swirling designs and metallic engravings into white lacquer. The up-close beauty is beyond description.

    We think this elegant pen is the perfect traveling companion.

  • Cross Bailey Light

    Lighten Up a Bit!

    Bailey Light is the first of its kind in the Cross collection. Crafted to Cross’ exacting standards, the design features a statement-making appeal. The lightweight glossy resin is vibrant and forward looking. Don’t let the amazing value deceive you as these Bailey Lights are made to the exacting standards Cross is known for. Delight in the colors and the low price!

  • Cross ATX

    Ultra Sleek. Ultra Modern

    Cross brings modern industrial design trends to the fore with this smart ATX pen. Its sleek silhouette is dressed in machine-turned, diamond-patterned engravings for an unmistakably contemporary look. A sandblasted dark blue or titanium Gray PVD finish with polished PVD appointments completes this look of understated modernity.

    Streamlined from integrated clip to tapered tip, ATX® delivers singular style in a sophisticated, ergonomic package. A Lifetime Mechanical Warranty is offered by Cross.

  • Cross Century II

    A Fresh Look at a Revered Classic

    Created with a keen appreciation for modernist design, the new Century II, offers a bolder look and wider girth than the original Classic Century. Saturated with color or finessed with precious metal, it's everything Cross is famous for, only bigger. 

    Beautiful precious metal and translucent lacquer finishes provide a bold take on the classic Cross profile. As with all Cross pens, it’s precision balanced and weighted for a rich, tactile writing experience. The Century II is presented in a luxury gift box; perfect for engraving and gifting.

  • Cross Townsend

    Graceful Lines Straight Out of the 30's 

    These new Cross Townsends are covered in gleaming metals, but still boast the graceful lines of the original 1930s Art Deco design. A stunning statement when taken in hand and noticeable to all those around you. The 10K models are covered in rolled gold with 23k gold appointments. The less expensive Medalist features highly polished chrome trimmed in 23k gold. Both have a incised line pattern on the barrel and cap. Select your favorite finish in either fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint. Perhaps create a treasured set that will be prized forever?

  • Cross Tech3+ Multi-Pen

    TECH 3+ Gets it Done, All in One

    Experience the ultimate in multi-tasking with Tech3+. This multifunction pen unites the iconic style of a Cross classic with modern performance features. The pronounced diamond cut pattern is very pleasing to the eye. It’s covered in durable PVD. Switch from a black ballpoint to a red editing ballpoint to a .5mm pencil with a simple twist. Need an eraser? Find one hidden right under the conical top. Cross twist technology makes cycling through your options easy and intuitive. Specially formulated Cross ink flows flawlessly for a superior writing experience

    Whenever you want to interact with your favorite mobile touchscreen, simply swap the top with the included stylus attachment and you’re mobile touchscreen ready. Cross features a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.

  • Cross X Series

    Snap Open. Snap Closed.

    Live large with the bold new Cross X Series, the pen that tells the world you mean business. This capless Gel ink rollerball pen comes in a variety of modern finishes, and features a powerful wide stance with strong lines and the iconic Cross conical top. It springs into action on demand via a dynamic patented snap-open, snap-shut slide writing mechanism that extends the pen when you’re ready to put ideas to paper.

  • Cross Ballpoints

    Most Cross ballpoint pens are a one-piece twist to deploy design. The desk set ballpoints are always ready to write with no mechanism to deploy the point. Fill your Cross ballpoint with the standard Cross refill available in black and blue ink with a fine, medium or broad point; available in red ink with a medium point. Enjoy a Monteverde option for Cross ballpoints that comes in 10 different colors.

  • Cross Fountain Pens

    A coveted name in writing instruments for many years, Cross offers a wide range of fountain pens to fit the most discriminating tastes. Cross fountain pens are sold with fine, medium or broad nibs. Some models are fitted with rhodium plated gold nibs and other feature stainless steel nibs. Cross fountain pens will accept only Cross ink cartridges or can be used with a Cross converter and bottled ink.

  • Cross Rollerballs

    Most Cross rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design. Your Cross rollerball pen will accept a Cross rollerball refill or a specially designed Monteverde rollerball refill. Cross fiber tip refills will fit, as well as a special refill to convert your rollerball into a standard ballpoint.

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24 Item(s)