Cross TrackR

Cross TrackR

A Bluetooth Enabled Trackable Pen. Never Misplace Your Pen Again!

Bold both in size and concept, this innovative pen will not go unnoticed. The tracking device inside offers a suite of features to ensure you never get separated from it (or your phone). 

Consider these amazing features:

Protect your investment with TrackR’s crowdsourced location network of 1MM+ users

Track your pen’s last known location via a smartphone app

Connect from up to 100 feet via Bluetooth

Set optional alerts to notify you if your pen gets separated from your phone

Locate your misplaced phone (even on silent mode!) with a tap of the pen’s button

The new Cross TrackR is a truly unique writing instrument to own or give as a gift. We know of several friends who can use this exciting Cross TrackR right now.

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3 Item(s)