Diplomat writing instruments have been manufactured in Germany since 1922. All Diplomat pens are handcrafted and then tested in their workshops; they believe no machine can replace the guidance and expertise of a passionate craftsman. Diplomat’s fountain pen nibs are custom made from Stainless Steel offering a unique sensation of control. Schmidt’s EasyFlow refill is used for ballpoint pens. It offers an incomparable writing experience. This ‘old world craftmanship’ demonstrates Diplomat’s commitment to fine writing excellence.

  • Diplomat Aero

    Take Flight!

    The legacy of the Zeppelin is preserved in this sleek writer with smooth lines. Notice the aggressive aluminum body.  The Aero features a full aluminum casing and matte black trims. The orange and black finishes are anodized for durability.

  • Diplomat Esteem MADC

    Immersive Experience

    MadC was born as Claudia Walde, in Germany, in 1980. Her canvases are exhibited in solo and group shows worldwide. Her major international breakthrough came in 2010 with the production of the work, “700-Wall”. A 700 square-meter work along the train line between Berlin and Halle. This painting is most likely the largest graffiti mural created by a single person, taking MadC four months to finish.

    Mad C also works with spray paints on canvas. At her first solo gallery in 2015, Night and Day, she showcased works such as “Nineteen Nineteen” and “Twenty One Zero Six”. These works had either a black or white base (symbolic of her night and day work required of her for tagging), and investigated “the relationship between overlapping colors, light, glass and calligraphic movement”. 

    For her canvases she is transferring her philosophy of connecting single parts to one piece – background, foreground, lines and shapes. To create those works, MadC uses spray paint, transparent spray paint, ink, watercolor, acrylic paint and acrylic markers. 

    MadC confronts us with the notion of addressing the essence of graffiti and street art cultures, in a way that highlights the importance of a never-ending reinterpretation of the two concepts. 

  • Diplomat Skyline

    The Sky’s the Limit

    The Diplomat Skyline collection makes an aggressive color statement. Crafted from aluminum and finished in a brilliant red or blue finish. These finely crafted German pens are not your typical conservative colors. 

    The fountain pen features a stainless steel nib. The ballpoint arrives with Schmidt’s EasyFlow refill. The fountain pen and rollerball both will post the cap onto the body. Use cartridges or your included converter for bottle ink.

  • Diplomat Excellence A²

    Excellence Has Arrived

    A² is a new generation of Excellence, in a timeless design. This evolution has been focused on the experience of use, with a new exclusive closure system realized by its softness and durability. The Excellence A² is now equipped with a spring-loaded clip, making it easier to hold the pen to a pocket or a folder.

    The lacquer is hand finished. The trims are gleaming gold. The fountain pen can be selected with a stainless steel nib or the ultra-flexible 14k gold. The ballpoint features Schmidt’s EasyFlow refill. The fountain pen and rollerball both will post the cap onto the body. Use cartridges or your included converter for bottle ink.

  • Diplomat Lumi

    Diplomat’s Lumi Says, “Fun, Fun, Fun! 

    That’s what we think when we see one of these casual pens. Designed for both the liquid ink writer in a stainless steel nib or the ballpoint lover which features Schmidt’s amazing EasyFlow ballpoint refill.

    Crafted in brilliant multi-layered lacquer combined with chrome trim. A value and style that can’t be matched.

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