Devotion and vision 

A proponent of the scientific method, Paul Fisher was issued a patent on the original AG7 Anti-Gravity pen in 1965. Sadly, Paul Fisher died in 2006, but his legacy continues under the leadership of his son, Gary; and the 100 seasoned employees who have long been devoted to the Fisher Space Pen Company and the Paul Fisher vision. 

  • Fisher Clutch Space Pen

    The Clutch is a Tough Pen Made for Tough Jobs

    Designed for use in the oil field industry, it is the perfect go-to pen in even the harshest conditions; from freezing cold to scorching heat, at any angle including upside down, through grease, underwater, and for three times longer than an average ballpoint pen.

    Its hefty hexagonal finger grip design ensures that you will maintain a solid grasp on the pen even when wearing thick gloves, and its composition of black anodized aluminum provides both a sturdy and light-weight feel in hand.

    With its strong pocket clip, you can rest assured that the Clutch will always be there when you need it.

  • Fisher Bullet Space Pen

    A man, A Pen, A Mission

    There are numerous astronauts who have used the Fisher Bullet Space Pen in the great unknown. The Fisher Bullet has been on every American and Russian space mission since the mid-sixties. With its pressurized ink cartridge, the Space Pen writes upside down, under water, through grease and in the zero-gravity vacuum of outer space. Choose your Bullet Space Pen from a wide variety of colors which all engrave beautifully. Order extra pressurized refills, also available in a wide range of colors and point sizes. A pocket clip may be purchased separately.

  • Fisher Original Astronaut Space Pen

    Recall the Thrill

    During that summer of 1969, Americans were glued their televisions. The excitement culminated on July 21st when Neil Armstrong stepped to the surface of the moon. This individual pen and the Limited Edition Set celebrates that anniversary in laser engraved Apollo 11 markings. Feel a part of that historic day with this beautiful and useful Fisher Original Astronaut Space Pen and a few of the mission's pressurized refills. They're still utilized by NASA to write at any angle, any temperature, even in space.

  • Fisher Telescoping Space Pen

    Telescoping Bullet

    Just let us know your writing trajectory. We'll launch a Fisher Space Pen that can write at the outer limits, even under water and upside down. Choose the ultra-tech Telescoping Pen that extends to a full length. It can handle even greater extremes. Every Fisher pen is guaranteed on earth or in outer space. Wherever your destination may be.

  • Fisher X-750 Stylus


    A new Fisher X-750 Stylus is the perfect way to set off on your next writing adventure. Since it contains a Fisher pressurized ballpoint refill, it writes wherever, whenever you need it. And now this historic Fisher design is topped with a useful stylus for clean communication with capacitive touch panels. Select from shiny blueberry or chrome. Fisher pens were originally a part of the race to the moon. This new model continues that adventurous spirit.

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