LeBOEUF Pilgrim

LeBOEUF Pilgrim

A Classic Revived

The LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company, was first established in 1919. Originally released in the 1930’s, today’s Pilgrim collection is a vintage inspired remake of this timeless Leboeuf classic. 

Utilizing original LeBoeuf Pilgrim pens and drawings, Leboeuf selected a unique celluloid style acrylic to represent the look and feel of this admired classic. It sports subtle details reminiscent of the golden era of fountain pens.

Available in vintage inspired Burgundy, Teal or Gray Pearl with gold plated clip and accents. Each fountain pen sports a medium German gold-plated iridium nib with the Leboeuf logo. The fountain pen utilizes a cartridge or convertor filling system. The Pilgrim is also available as a roller ball. It uses our most common style refill. 

The Leboeuf Pilgrim Collection was the first release from the new LeBoeuf Fountain Pen Company.  Own one of the original pieces in this smart revival collection. 

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