Masterpieces of Writing 

This motto defines the unmistakable characteristics of Marlen and its continuous research for crafting fine quality, durable, exquisitely detailed and comfortable writing instruments.

Marlen has achieved this prestigious position with its exclusive, entirely “made in Italy” collections.  The company was founded in 1982 by Mario Esposito, Managing Director and Antonio Esposito, Design Manager. The writing instruments are "designed to be different".  They are created by using master-craftsmen's original forms of expressive art, which makes them collector’s prized possessions all around the world.  More than twenty years of innovative designs have reflected the cultural, historical, technological and artistic movements of yesterday and today.

  • Marlen Aleph

    A Flexible Experience

    From the collaboration between Marlen and comes, Aleph. A piston filling fountain pen with and a nib created from flexible, harmonic steel. The Aleph pen is made of solid black resin, and features rhodium-plated trim finishes. 

    The great novelty is the harmonic steel flex nib, which allows for moderate bends (1.00 to 1.50 mm). The nib’s unusual shape is characterized by the two lateral cuts, which not only have an aesthetic but also a functional task; they greatly reduce the force necessary for flexing the nib. Notice the ventilation hole in the shape of a heart. Adding to the functional benefits of the nib, is the mesmerizing transparent feeder which allows non-black inks to light it up.

    Clean lines and simple decorations make Aleph an instant classic pen ideal for everyday use.

  • Marlen Ippocrate

    Perfectly Appropriate Gift

    Marlen dedicates the Ippocrate Collection to the world of medicine and health care professionals.  On the barrel is a bronze and silver relief of Hippocrates, the Greek physician, referred to as the “Father of Medicine”.  Hippocratic theory revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece and established the Hippocratic Oath.  On both, the clip and the coin placed on the slanted top of the pen, is the staff of Asciepius.  Both are crafted from Sterling. This medical insignia of a serpent-entwined rod or “snake and staff” is still used today as a symbol of medicine and health care.  This symbol originally was derived from the Greek god Asciepius, who represented medicinal arts and healing in Greek mythology.

    The Ippocrate Collection is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen in a selection of four classic colors of black, midnight blue, burgundy or classic white. The fountain pen’s stainless-steel nib is two-tone gold and silver. It’s available in fine, medium or broad. Each mode takes the most common refills available so your color choices in all are at least 10 colors in several point choices. 

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13 Item(s)