Marlen Aleph

Marlen Aleph

A Flexible Experience

From the collaboration between Marlen and comes, Aleph. A piston filling fountain pen with and a nib created from flexible, harmonic steel. The Aleph pen is made of solid black resin, and features rhodium-plated trim finishes. 

The great novelty is the harmonic steel flex nib, which allows for moderate bends (1.00 to 1.50 mm). The nib’s unusual shape is characterized by the two lateral cuts, which not only have an aesthetic but also a functional task; they greatly reduce the force necessary for flexing the nib. Notice the ventilation hole in the shape of a heart. Adding to the functional benefits of the nib, is the mesmerizing transparent feeder which allows non-black inks to light it up.

Clean lines and simple decorations make Aleph an instant classic pen ideal for everyday use.

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