An Italian Jewel 

Montegrappa, a profoundly Italian, jewel of a company, has been manufacturing fine writing implements in the same historic building on the banks of the River Brenta for over 100 years.  Each and every day they draw inspiration from the vistas right outside their windows.  Their special editions have honored prominent historic and contemporary figures and events throughout the world. 

  • Montegrappa Tulip for Team Fox

    About the Pen
    A new artist-collaboration pen features a pocket clip shaped like a tulip to raise awareness and support for Parkinson’s disease research. 

    A remarkable new prestige pen by Montegrappa has been designed to draw attention to the plight of those living with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative neurological disorder estimated to affect more than six million people around the world. The Tulip for Team Fox enables pen owners to show solidarity with Parkinson’s patients, while helping The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) accelerate research into a cure.

    The pen’s striking clip is a reference to the international symbol of Parkinson’s consciousness – the red tulip. Its design comes from an idea and sketches from Timothy John – a fine artist from Adelaide, Australia. The passionate fountain pen user was himself diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2017, and his initiative to alleviate the suffering of others counts among John’s most personal and transformative projects. 

    About the Donation Commitment
    Montegrappa will donate ten percent of proceeds from sales of the Tulip for Team Fox to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The world’s largest non-profit funder of Parkinson’s disease research, the MJFF, has funded more than $800 million since its inception in 2000. Its results moved Michael Bloomberg to describe it recently as, “the fulcrum on which Parkinson’s research pivots.”

    For Montegrappa C.E.O. and Creative Director Giuseppe Aquila, the Tulip for Team Fox offers a chance to do good on both a broad and personal level. “Timothy has been a regular collaborator with us over many years and we were deeply impacted by the news of his diagnosis. For us, this is a rare opportunity to raise awareness and express fraternity with a dear friend,” Aquila explains. “We are honored to be able to donate a portion of proceeds to The Michael J. Fox Foundation.” will donate all our profit directly to the MJFF. Rest assured, a large combined donation will result from your supportive purchase.

    About the Tulip 
    The Tulip is a compact, rounded design that recalls the international style popularized by Bauhaus throughout the 1920s. Handmade from resin and stainless steel, it brings robust, all-round performance, honest simplicity and a century of know-how to prestige stationery.

    Duotone coloring and a distinctive profile offer an innovative way for pen owners and gift seekers to show empathy for Parkinson’s patients and contribute to the search for a cure. 

    The Michael J Fox Foundation’s signature orange livery provides the color reference for the pen’s barrel, section and a Montegrappa insignia set into a cap of tulip red. The pen’s name and clip evoke the tulip – the global symbol of Parkinson’s awareness. Its design comes from the hand of Australian fine artist and Montegrappa ambassador, Timothy John.

  • Montegrappa Moon Landing

    Announcing the Moon Landing Open Edition

    This fine writing instrument is crafted entirely in aluminum with stainless steel trim. The ‘Open Edition Moon Landing’ duplicates the same aerodynamic design and visual effects as its Limited-Edition companion. The innovative packaging includes a remarkable replica of a lunar Sample Return Container. It’s quite unique and appropriate for a collector edition.

    A Mechanical Delight to Behold

    A thrilling mix of design and detailing combine in an object of rare writing pleasure. Turn its rocket-thruster blindcap clockwise to simulate the Saturn V’s second and third stage separation. Reverse direction to watch the fountain pen’s piston-fill mechanism in action through a special 360º viewing window. Presented in a special lunar landing site diorama, the ultimate tribute to the 20th century’s crowning technological achievement. It can be yours to hold and behold.

    2019 marks the 50th anniversary of NASA landing on the Moon. It represents one of mankind’s greatest achievements, defining the USA as the victor in the space race with an accomplishment to rank with Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. 

    Inspired by the Apollo 11 mission that delivered astronauts to the lunar surface, in a licensed collaboration with NASA, Montegrappa has reproduced the iconic Saturn V rocket, interpreted as a writing instrument. The Moon Landing Collection made in white pearlized resin with sterling silver trim, adorned with enamel to reproduce a three-dimensional trompe-l’œil effect of the rocket body’s First, Second and Third “stages”. 

    Around the First Stage are the legend “USA” the American national flag, laser-cut and enamel-filled in exquisite detail. The pen cap is structured to represent the Second Stage and the Apollo command module, with the silver “lost-wax” signature clip, cast in the form of the stairway structure supporting the rocket. Completing the realization of a Saturn V in miniature, the blind cap is reproduced with the exhaust nozzles of the engines of the spacecraft, detailed with red enamel. 

    Available as a rollerball or fountain pen, the latter is piston-fed, and its nib is crafted in 18k gold. By turning the bottom part of the pen barrel sideways, the Saturn V pen opens up its midsection, to reveal its inner filling mechanism, augmented by a lunette-aperture showing the ink inside. 

    For the limited editions, Montegrappa has issued 363 fountain pens in resin and Sterling Silver, the number denoting Saturn V’s height in feet when standing vertically. 110 rollerball pens have been offered in resin and Sterling Silver, because the equivalent in feet of 363 ft is 110 meters. The ultimate edition of 53 fountain and rollerball pens will be made in solid 18k gold and titanium, 50 fountain pens celebrating the anniversary of the first landing on the Moon and 3 rollerball pens in honor of the three crew members that reached the Moon: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. 

    Limited Edition

  • Montegrappa Aviator

    Montegrappa Takes Off

    Montegrappa takes great pleasure in creating pen collections for specific professions. From the producers of grappa to the great chefs, to lawyers and psychologists, to musicians and doctors, Montegrappa has adapted each career’s symbols to create a visual theme that honors the occupation chosen. Montegrappa is then very proud to announce a new pen celebrating the bravest of the brave: airplane pilots.

    To evoke the trappings of aircraft, the Aviator pen is made entirely of aluminum. Its profile is rounded, to reflect the laws of aerodynamics. The pen’s shape conveys the dynamism of flight, its curved pen barrel blending into a sharpened cap, conceived to resemble both aircraft and even perhaps rockets. The finely detailed features such as ‘No Step’ and ’Fueling’ only add to the delight you sense each time you reach for your fanciful but very capable writer.

    The Aviator is available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint. The fountain pen’s nib is made of stainless steel, offered in fine, medium and broad. Aviator’s filling system is both cartridge and converter fed.

  • Montegrappa Copper Mule

    Only Your Very Best Friends

    They will spring to mind immediately when you look at the Montegrappa Copper Mule collection. A once in a lifetime opportunity to show your very best friends how much they mean to you. This special edition was lightheartedly created by Montegrappa in all copper:  the Fortuna fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint. Rugged silver-colored trim on the grip, center band and clip are a hearty accent to the warm copper barrel and cap. Your set arrives in an elegant gift box. A fitting way to show your appreciation for that Moscow Mule fan in your life.

  • Montegrappa Fortuna

    Stylish New Finish

    The Goddess of Fortune, Fortuna, now has a new, stylish look. Blue resin is trimmed in rose gold, a distinctive, yet refined combination. Fortuna was revered because ancient Romans who lacked virtue were believed to bring ill-fortune both on themselves and Rome. Establish your fortunes with a fountain pen, rollerball, or twist-top ballpoint in rich black or blue resin. The gunmetal trim is offered with black; rose gold trims either the black or blue body. All three options are striking. Fountain pens and rollerballs feature a screw on cap and all the models include the Montegrappa roller on the clip to make pocketing a natural, smooth motion. Whether given to test fate or to recognize character strength, the Fortuna is a truly inspirational gift.

  • Montegrappa Ballpoints

    Montegrappa ballpoint pens are a one-piece twist to deploy design. The Montegrappa ballpoint pen will accept an extremely broad selection of ballpoint refill technologies: standard ballpoint ink, GEL ballpoint ink, Liquid ballpoint ink as well as the Easy Flow technology from Schmidt. Some of these choices are available in as many as eight colors.

  • Montegrappa Fountain Pens

    Montegrappa fountain pens are crafted in Bassano del Grappa along the banks of the River Brenta which winds through picturesque northeastern Italy. Montegrappa fountain pens are sold with an 18k gold fine, medium or broad nib. The Privilege fountain pen also offers an extra-fine nib. All Montegrappa fountain pens will accept international sized cartridges or can be used with a converter and bottled ink.

  • Montegrappa Rollerballs

    Montegrappa rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design; the Nero Uno and Privilege models in the renowned octagonal shape. Your Montegrappa rollerball pen use a Schmidt capless rollerball refill available in black, blue and red inks.

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