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An Italian Jewel 

Montegrappa, a profoundly Italian, jewel of a company, has been manufacturing fine writing implements in the same historic building on the banks of the River Brenta for over 100 years.  Each and every day they draw inspiration from the vistas right outside their windows.  Their special editions have honored prominent historic and contemporary figures and events throughout the world. 

  • Montegrappa ZERO Cityscape

    Vivid Beyond Description

    Exclusive to the U.S. market, the Montegrappa ZERO Cityscape  is the newest release in the Kenro Reserve series. In this edition, the proprietary resin material, ‘Montegrappite’, evokes the landscapes of cities around the globe. It reminds us that while we all live in different places, the skies we share are the same. 

    The Cityscape celebrates this through the complexity and depth of the Montegrappite resin representing the rich colors of dusk; deep purples, azures, fiery burnt oranges. The bronze trim and roller clip represent the setting of the sun. This limited production of the Cityscape is available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain. We are offering the fountain in fine and medium gold-plated nibs. An ink converter is included for bottle ink.

  • Montegrappa Harry Potter House Colors

    A Jewelry Grade Collectable 

    The 21st century’s biggest literary and cinematic sensation now has an official pen collection. Developed in collaboration with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Montegrappa unveils a collection of writing instruments capturing the magic of Harry Potter; a collection dedicated to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    (Unfortunately, due to unprecedented demand, almost every piece of this collection has been pre-sold. We have inventory in all modes shown. We have additional stock reserved. Needless to say, please order early to enjoy this unique collection.)

    The famous houses of Hogwarts are part of literary and cinematic legend. Montegrappa’s first official Harry Potter release is a collection of pens made for aficionados of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor.

    For more than two decades Harry, Ron and Hermione have brought delight to readers and viewers of all ages. Montegrappa’s designers have gone to extraordinary lengths to celebrate their famous home: the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    Each design in the collection imagines a pen any Harry Potter fan will be proud to wield. The school’s four student houses – Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Gryffindor – are faithfully recreated in their original colors.

    Collector-level quality is assured by the use of high-grade materials and Italian handcraft. Casings are made from stainless steel and brass. Deluxe finishing and a robust, spring-loaded pocket-clip promise magical writing performance for many years.

    Each pen is supplied in premium packaging made in Hogwarts’ official school colors with gold foil embossing. The coats-of- arms of all four houses are represented throughout the design to deliver a suspenseful unboxing experience for any Harry Potter fan. Enjoy your purchase.

  • Montegrappa Fortuna Ten Commandments Open Edition

    Biblical Proportions 

     A new masterpiece from Montegrappa combines radiant textures and precious resin in celebration of divine authority. Every pen tells a story. 

    Handmade from precious resin, The Ten Commandments Open Edition celebrates shared beliefs. Its cross-denominational design is produced using the very best of ancient and modern Italian craftsmanship.  

    The centerpiece of the design is based on Montegrappa’s Fortuna silhouette. It’s gold-fill laser engraving recreates and recites The Ten Commandments on the barrel in Hebrew and English.

    The open–edition fountain pens use a cartridge/converter–fed stainless-steel JoWo #6 steel nib. Available nibs are Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1 Stub. The rollerball uses standard rollerball refills available in a wide range of colors and points sizes.

    This is a beautiful example of Montegrappa’s Fortuna body. The amazing craftsmanship is stunning making this rare edition a ‘must own’ for all collectors.

  • Montegrappa Special Sale

    Montegrappa’s U.S. distributor has bestowed upon us the honor of offering the Last Pieces of several monumental collections. Names like Fortuna Copper Mule, Heartwood and Caduceus, Ducale, Armonia and more, stir the pen lover’s soul.

    When we say Last Pieces, we really mean it. Most offerings are just one piece, sometimes a few. These collections have sold world-wide in numbers from 400 to a thousand or so. You have the unique opportunity to own the last one.

    Check back often as we will list new pens as they arrive to us in the next week. 

    All pens will ship Priority mail at no charge beginning 4/7

    All sales final. Sales limited to stock on hand.

  • Montegrappa Ballpoints

    Montegrappa ballpoint pens are a one-piece twist to deploy design. The Montegrappa ballpoint pen will accept an extremely broad selection of ballpoint refill technologies: standard ballpoint ink, GEL ballpoint ink, Liquid ballpoint ink as well as the Easy Flow technology from Schmidt. Some of these choices are available in as many as eight colors.

  • Montegrappa Fountain Pens

    Montegrappa fountain pens are crafted in Bassano del Grappa along the banks of the River Brenta which winds through picturesque northeastern Italy. Montegrappa fountain pens are sold with an 18k gold fine, medium or broad nib. The Privilege fountain pen also offers an extra-fine nib. All Montegrappa fountain pens will accept international sized cartridges or can be used with a converter and bottled ink.

  • Montegrappa Rollerballs

    Montegrappa rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design; the Nero Uno and Privilege models in the renowned octagonal shape. Your Montegrappa rollerball pen use a Schmidt capless rollerball refill available in black, blue and red inks.

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