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Value, Style and Performance

Over 40 years of experience in the luxury pen trade have provided Monteverde USA the ability to truly understand the market for fine writing instruments. Each pen is crafted with its user in mind to ensure unparalleled quality with reasonable price points.

Monteverde (Green Mountains) uses state-of-the-art ink technologies that allow for seamless writing. The finest European resins, celluloid, and carbon fibers matched with state-of-the-art ink technologies offer an experience that truly sets Monteverde apart. The finest pen shops in the world carry the Monteverde USA name as a testament to its performance and popularity. 

  • Monteverde Special Edition Olive Ritma Set

    Collectable Set Covers Any Writing Need

    The Ritma special collectible edition is inspired by the minimalist movement with its clean lines and straightforward design. Perhaps the key feature of Ritma is the magnetic cap and its positive posting, so secure it creates a seal. No need to twist off, gently pull and enjoy the striking pop-action sound of the seal opening, then post the cap to experience the secure magnetic seal there as well.

    Each aluminum barrel is anodized with a matte finish, resulting in a pleasing shade of olive green. The clip is designed to match the straight lines of the body. The Set includes a fountain, rollerball, ballpoint and the unique Lanyard pen. The fountain pen is your choice of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad. The Lanyard fountain arrives with Monteverde’s respected OmniFlex nib which changes lines from varying your pressure. The ballpoint is a convenient twist to deploy. The rollerball includes the unique magnetic cap feature. A special 30ml bottle of Gemstone Olive ink rounds out this amazing set value. Quantities are limited.

  • Monteverde Ritma

    We Recognize Value When We See it
    The Ritma™ collection is inspired by the minimalist movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, where clean lines, straightforward designs and beautiful colors were prominent. Machined to perfection using a mixture of steel and aluminum, the Ritma™ fountain pen boasts a streamlined design from magnetic cap top to back post, perfect for those who prefer a somewhat heavier pen. 

    A First; A Sealed Cap
    An exciting feature is the pen’s sealed magnetic cap. Gently pull and enjoy the striking pop-action sound of the seal opening. To reveal the ballpoint tip, twist counterclockwise at the gunmetal grip area.

    Each aluminum barrel is anodized and treated with a matte finish, resulting in vibrant colors that are soft to the touch and beautifully accentuated with polished gunmetal accents. The clip is designed to match the straight lines of the body style with an extra flair, the center cut in an elongated oval shape for ease of use. 

    The fountain pen is available in a selection of black stainless-steel nibs: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad. Ritma uses standard international cartridges or an ink converter. Add a converter to your order if you intend to use bottle ink.

  • Monteverde Monza ID

    Your Choice: Cartridge, Converter or Eye Dropper

    Monza I.D. features a modern, eye-catching design adorned with chrome accents inside and out. The polished clear body shows off the pen’s inner workings, catching the light and allowing your ink to shine. Comfortable in hand, this pen is suited for everyday writing, perfect for beginner fountain pen enthusiasts as well as seasoned experts. The OmniFlex nib system allows you to choose a fine line or a very broad line. It flexes based upon your pressure.

    Eye Dropper Filling System

    The pen has a threaded cap that unscrews and posts at the end of the barrel. You can choose to use standard international ink cartridges or a converter (included). Plus, as a bonus it is also an eyedropper pen. Included with the pen is an eyedropper for filling the entire barrel. Real simple and easy to fill. The barrel holds 5ml of ink that will keep you writing for a long, long time. 

    Each Monza I.D. pen is packaged with two standard international ink cartridges and two 2ml vials of black ink You can also choose the converter or of course, the eye dropper. 

  • Monteverde MVP

    Full-Size Writer for Your Pocket

    Introducing MonteVerde’s Pocket writer. A full-size pen which fits in any pocket. Carry this quality fountain pen anywhere you go.The unique resins were created by mixing a multitude of colors to focus on the architectural shapes which create a vivid and energizing effect. 

    The MVP (MonteVerde Pocket pen) is highly versatile and a perfect match to a jean’s pocket, a purse, an agenda or a desk. Three distinctive colors are offered: Blue Squares, Red Puzzles, Green Abstracts, each with a chrome clip and nib. When capped it’s only 4 inches. When ready to write and posted, it’s a full-size 5.4 inches. The cap threads for posting. Due to its small size the MVP is powered only by International size ink cartridges. The MVP is packaged in a beautiful gift box with an impressive original artwork sleeve.

  • Monteverde Mega

    Mega More Than Ever!

    The Mega collection is back with an array of colorful resins and polished trims. Originally offered in only the Ink•Ball™ mode, Mega is now available as a fountain pen! 

    The rolling ball Ink•Ball, invented by Monteverde USA, shares many characteristics of a standard fountain pen, blending the smooth flow of a fountain pen with the precise control of a rolling ball tip. Ingenious.

    Crafted from vibrant high-grade acrylic resins for style and durability, the Mega is offered in three different color options. Choose between vibrant turquoise or orange, both beautifully matched with chrome accents along the clip and nib sections or black, exclusively paired with gunmetal accents. Substantially sized but not heavy in hand, the Mega is a comfortable daily writer and perfect for those who enjoy a slightly larger pen. The cap securely twists on and off. Fountain pen version is offered in five nib options. The rolling ball tip is offered in a medium.

  • Monteverde 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Innova

    Monteverde USA® 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Innova™

    “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision—the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows us to attain extraordinary results.” – Yair “Jerry” Greenberg

    In 1999 Monteverde USA® was founded in Canoga Park, California USA with the intention to create writing instruments that feature unparalleled quality, function, and affordable luxury. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Monteverde USA® is reintroducing one of their first signature pen collections. 

    A true classic, the Innova™ is one of the first (in a long line of) innovative pens to be designed under the Monteverde USA® brand. Featuring a slick carbon fiber body blended with special acrylic resin and chrome accents, the original Innova™ broke the mold back in 1999.

    Now, more stunning than ever the special Limited Edition Innova once again features that same blend of high-tech black braided carbon fiber mixed with resilient black resin. Shiny chrome or gun metal parts adorn the clip, band, and trim, enhancing the elegance of each Innova pen. Beautifully engraved along the front of the mid-band is the Monteverde USA® logo with the reverse side featuring a “20th Anniversary” inscription. Displayed along the top band you’ll find the Monteverde USA® mountain logo engraved. 

    Every fountain pen is tastefully engraved with the Innova logo and its Limited Edition number. A JOWO shiny chrome or gun metal stainless steel nib is individually hand-fitted to each fountain pen, intricately cut for maximum performance. The fountain pen fills with standard international cartridges or the included piston ink converter. The  JOWO stainless steel nib is available in extra fine, fine, medium, broad.

    The ballpoint is adorned with its exclusive Limited Edition number along the reverse side of the band underneath the “20th Anniversary” inscription. for the ballpoint a soft-roll style refill. The twist action ballpoint is perfectly balanced and accepts Parker Style refills.

    Stunning and sleek, each Innova has the perfect flair, whether it is for a formal occasion, business, or casual setting. Each 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Chrome Innova is limited to 1999 pieces, the gun metal the same. This is in homage to the year Monteverde USA® opened their doors and forever changed the fountain pen industry.

  • Monteverde Limited Edition Regatta Explorers

    Explore New Boundaries

    The Limited Edition Regatta Explorers commemorates the age of discovery and exploration. Dedicated to the ships that explored where none had gone before, to the maritime explorers who had the spirit to dive into the unknown. This Limited Edition displays a distinct walnut wood finish paired with the classic Regatta™ carbon fiber bands.

    A key Regatta feature is the magnetic closure for capping and posting on every fountain and rollerball pen. The ballpoint features smooth as silk, twist-action deployment. The Regatta is a weighty pen and feels great in the hand.

    Regatta Explorers™ is a numbered limited edition run of 1999 pieces and is available in fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint pen. The fountain pen’s nib is available in Fine, Medium, Broad and uses an included threaded ink converter or standard international ink cartridges. The ballpoint accepts Parker-Style refills. The capped rollerball accepts our standard rollerball refill available in a broad range of colors and points.

    From Marco Polo’s discoveries to Magellan's quest across the seas, the names of these great explorers and their contributions have left their permanent mark on history. Get your Limited Edition Regatta Explorers™ and start your journey today!

  • Monteverde Tool Pen

    9 Functions One Pen

    The Ballpoint Tool Pen’s heavyweight, 6-sided barrel houses a smooth writing ballpoint at one end and an ultra sensitive touch screen stylus at the other. Under the stylus top are Phillips and flat head screwdrivers. On the barrel is a level, ruler and three different measuring scales. The chiseled spring clip will hold the One Touch Tool pen securely in a pocket, ready to handle more jobs than any other pen!

    You also have the option to choose the solid Brass fountain pen featuring a smooth and reliable nib. Or the Brass Pencil featuring a stout .9mm lead. The pencil drops the level feature to store an eraser.

  • Monteverde Monza 3

    A Clear Intro to Fountain Pens 101

    Express your creativity with a different nib for each occasion! The Monza 3 offers 5 colors to choose from each with three easily removable complete front sections which accompany a trio of stainless-steel nibs. Choose from  Fine or Medium or try the revolutionary new Omniflex™. Have fun while watching your pen’s ink flow through the clear ink feed. See the cartridge’s reserve through the polished see through body.

    The unique Omniflex nib adapts to every curve which allows for various line variations as you write. The Medium nib is great for quickly recording meeting notes or jotting thoughts in a diary. The Fine nib works perfectly for crafting personal greeting cards or dashing off a note to an associate.

    Each Monza 3 demonstrator Set comes with three front sections, three ink converters and two ink cartridges to get you started. The box can be used to store your kit’s contents. If you're new to fountain pens, this is a great way to experience various nibs. If you are a seasoned pro, you’ll recognize the great value and potential for fun. Something for everyone.

  • Monteverde Regatta Sport Allura

    Magnetic Attraction

    The word “allure” denotes a sense of mysterious beauty. The Regatta™ Allura offers magnetic closures for capping and posting on every fountain and rollerball pen. Magnetism is personified by the new Regatta™ Allura. This carbon fiber and metal pen features a multitude of textures and feels. Brushed silver colored sections and matte accents unify to create a strong stylish statement. 

    The fountain pen’s stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium and  broad. It includes a threaded ink converter. The fountain pen fills with our Colorado Pen cartridges, the ballpoint accepts the common Parker-Style refill, and the rollerball accepts our common rollerball refill. Capture your most innovative thoughts with this brazen design; destined to become an icon.

  • Monteverde Tool Pen Edge

    Tools of the trade

    Any trade. Any task. Every desk. The Monteverde One-Touch Stylus Tool ballpoint will be by your side. Navigate touch screens with a handy stylus top. Tighten or loosen screws with a Phillips or flathead screwdriver. Measure with a ruler and three other scale functions. Check for plumb and level with the built-in bubble positioner. The Tool is a great gift that will be appreciated by any exacting recipient. Stock up on mini ballpoint refills for this unique writer.

  • Monteverde Impressa

    What's in a Name?

    A lot, in the case of the Monteverde Impressa collection. This new series is impressive for its unique styling and stunning finishes. The squared cap top gently transitions to a rounded barrel. Impressa is covered with layers of iridescent blue with snazzy matching blue trim, a classic black lacquer with subdued gunmetal trim or a unique gray with red trim. Select your favorite combination for the perfect impression, or should we say Impressa?

    The fountain pen’s stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium and  broad. It includes a threaded ink converter. The fountain pen fills with our Colorado Pen cartridges, the ballpoint accepts the common Parker-Style refill, and the rollerball accepts our common rollerball refill.

  • Monteverde Aldo Domani

    We Couldn't Resist

    And we doubt you can either. The Monteverde Aldo Domani Collection features nicely weighted, full-sized fine writers at prices we never dreamed were possible. The fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints are offered in stately black, vibrant red or deep blue. The shiny lacquer is then trimmed with chrome and topped with a black end piece. Two-piece pens have screw-on, not click caps. All these Aldo Domani pens are priced so low, you will want at least one set of each color. Perfect for business promotions or gifts for co-workers, friends and family.

  • Monteverde Giant Sequoia

    Towering Tribute

    Standing at the base of a giant Sequoia puts life in perspective. Be reminded of that each time you take a new Monteverde Giant Sequoia fountain pen or ballpoint in hand. Finely crafted from a special resin mix in colors and patterns to match the grand scale of the trunk, leaves or sky. Each pen is unique in appearance and substantially sized, of course. Yet these Sequoias are lighter in weight than other pens this size and they are balanced for writing comfort in any hand. The trim is minimal, but beautifully polished chrome. Stand tall and gain inspiration from these remarkable Giant Sequoias

  • Monteverde Prima

    Prima Swirl

    Lose yourself in the luscious swirls of color covering the new Monteverde Prima collection. Hand-made resins are mixed with touches of black and pearl to create these mesmerizing finishes. No two finishes are alike. The fountain pen, rollerball and twist ballpoint are trimmed in gleaming chrome and black. The balance and ergonomics of these pens have made the Prima a bestseller for years. Fountain pens are fitted with stainless steel nibs in fine, medium or broad point and can be refilled with international size ink cartridges or the included converter and bottled ink. Rollerballs use standard refills available in up to eight colors. Ballpoints refill with liquid, gel or standard ink in up to ten colors.

  • Monteverde Ballpoint Pens

    Montegrappa ballpoint pens are a one-piece twist to deploy design. The Montegrappa ballpoint pen will accept an extremely broad selection of ballpoint refill technologies: standard ballpoint ink, GEL ballpoint ink, Liquid ballpoint ink as well as the Easy Flow technology from Schmidt. Some of these choices are available in as many as eight colors.

  • Monteverde Fountain Pens

    Monteverde offers a wide range of fountain pens to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Most Monteverde fountain pens are sold with stainless steel fine, medium or broad nibs. Monteverde fountain pens will accept international sized ink cartridges or can be used with a converter and bottled ink.

  • Monteverde Rollerball Pens

    Monteverde rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design. Your Monteverde rollerball pen will accept Monteverde rollerball refills as well as spring-loaded fineliners, standard fineliners and a standard Schmidt refill. Some refills come in as many as eight colors.

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