"Get Creative With Your Writing" 

It was precisely 25 years ago that Thomas and Alexandra Batsch became enchanted by the magic of writing... and that was when ONLINE writing instruments began... 

With its design-oriented writing instruments for students, young people and, the young-at-heart, ONLINE has evolved into a trendsetter in the industry. This family business was founded in 1991 by Thomas and Alexandra Batsch with clear goals in mind: The production of writing instruments for school and office and the concentration on high levels of quality, functionality and technology. We’d add, an extreme value as well.

  • Online Multifunction

    Best Multi Pen 2018 

    We review a lot of multi pens. None has the panache we’ve seen of the ONLINE Four Function. Choose from three distinct grip areas: cork, maroon or rosewood. When ready to write, select from three mini ballpoints in black, blue or red, or the .7 mm lead. Simply hold the pen, look at the selection you want and click. Gravity places the correct refill at hand. Easy lead extension is a quick click of the top. 

    No need for a red option? Choose from our selection of 11 colors and sizes including broad in mini ballpoints to customize your selection. We even have a highlighter mini. Hands down this is the best multi we’ve seen in quite a while.

  • Online Switch Plus

    Made in Germany for $28 

    Respected German maker, Online, did it. How is that possible? It’s a quality fountain pen which has an amazingly comfortable ergonomic grip. The pen’s body is a conductive resin which provides for a stylus to control your smart device. It has a clip designed for rugged days. 

    What more could a fountain pen lover ask for? The German made stainless steel nib comes in extra fine, fine and medium. And, it’s designed to take the most common fountain pen cartridge in the world. Which means dozens of colors from which to choose.

  • Online Vision Magic

    Envision This. Only $50! 

    The new Online Vision Magic offers all the fun colors you’d want. The brushed aluminum bodies scream with color. The trim is an understated black. Economically shaped with an ergonomic grip area, these fountain pens write with ease. The black stainless steel nibs are available in extra fine as well as fine and medium. Add this to your list of EF writers. The pen accepts cartridges or converter. You’ll need to add the converter during checkout.

Nib Size
Fountain Pen Filling System
Converter Included
Trim Color
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11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)