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Values for All

Our offerings from this Denver based value-oriented brand, Padrino, will continue to grow.  The key chain pens are just fun for all. The multi-function pen is just the opposite, a workaholic.  Take a close look at Padrino as they tend to accommodate consumers looking for something a bit different and unique.  The components used are quality tested and assure a lifetime of writing pleasure.

  • Padrino Trend

    Trending Hot

    The Padrino fountain pen and rollerball are pens that ‘shoot above their potential’; Not the usual lightweight writers found at this price point. The balanced weight is due to the brass under carriage which supports the fine resin body.

    For this reason, Trend makes a great gift. Your recipient will be overwhelmed when the box opens and further impressed with the fluid flow from the stainless steel nib or rollerball refill. The fountain pen includes a converter for bottle ink. Cartridges for both are standard and available in up to 30 colors.

  • Padrino Grid

    A Traveling Partner

    Padrino’s Grid fountain pen is a bit deceiving. When capped it sits comfortably in your palm or even your pocket. But post the cap, it screws on, and you have a full-sized well-balanced writer. It makes for a great traveling fountain pen for those who never want to be without. Consumers looking for a pen which posts will love the size and balance. The mesmerizing grid pattern is laser cut into the surface.

    The medium nib is made in Germany. The Grid takes standard international cartridges. We offer 31 colors.

    Add an optional ink converter if you want to use bottle ink

  • Padrino Fiore Pen Set

    Set Savings

    The Fiore from Padrino doubles down for Holiday Gift giving. Give not just one writer but two. The red and black resin are impressive. The quality of assembly way beyond the asking price. The standard ballpoint and rollerball refills offer a wide variety to personalize this set with a few extra refills.

    This is a Holiday offer only and quantities are limited to our last 50 sets.

  • Padrino Multi-Pen

    Life Just Got Simplified

    Grab your Padrino multi-pen and you have all your options with you, two different ballpoint colors and a .5mm pencil point. Your pen arrives with black and red ink. A quick twist of the top deploys the desired point. A quick click of the top deploys more lead when that point is selected. The stylish body comes in brushed silver, shiny blue or stealthy all matte black. Built tough to take on the more arduous journeys in life.

  • Padrino Pixie

    Fun, Fun, Fun

    Add one of these new Padrino Pixies to your cart. It's a great last- minute gift with a personal touch. These fun Pixies are banded in rhinestones for that extra bling we all need on a key chain.

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