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Innovation AND Tradition 

Parker has continually introduced more innovative products than any other manufacturer over the last 130 years.  In 1889 the Lucky Curve ink feed was introduced. In 1931 Quink quick drying ink eliminated the need for blotting. In 1941 the most widely purchased fountain pen was the Parker 51. In the 1960 Parker put a ballpoint in every hand with its click-top Jotter.

Some of the most free-flowing, enjoyable fountain pen nibs can be found from Parker. Specifically, the Sterling Sonnet and Duofold collections. These are gold nibs worth paying for. Parker’s steel nibs are consistent writers. Try a Parker and experience what they’ve learned in over 130 years of consistent manufacturing.

  • Parker '51 Collection

    80 Years of Technology and Respect Included

    p51-abridged-history-v2The much anticipated ‘new’ Parker ’51 debuts now. In the intervening 80 years, the pen’s respected original technologies have been updated from the 1941 model. Still, the pen captures the excitement with the famous hooded nib and its P51 Mustang profile. As exciting today as in ’41. The original Parker ’51 is one of the most collected pens ever made. The 2021 model is a stunning new addition and a must for any serious collector.

    The 2021 Parker ’51 is available in two ranges: Core and Deluxe. The Deluxe enjoys an 18k gold nib versus the Core’s steel. The Deluxe cap is solid brass with a chiseled gold finish versus a stainless steel cap.

    After selling hundreds of Parker ‘51’s, we’re finally instock on all options with the exception of the Core Teal fountain pen in a medium nib. They are on the way to us! Please understand that our stock could move very quickly. Enjoy this remarkable retrospective edition of a legendary name; Parker ’51.

  • Parker Sonnet Sterling

    Timeless Elegance

    As part of Parker’s 2021 ‘Refresh’ of the Sonnet Ranges, a striking new finish named Silver Mistral joins the beloved Cisele.

    The Sonnet Cisele has been a traditional favorite since 1963. Thousands of this standard bearer have found their way into the homes of collectors around the world. Now, Mistral adds to this tradition with Parker’s renown hand chiseling to ensure a deep, tactile experience. Just like Cisele before it, Mistral sports Parker’s respected 18k nib. Choices are fine and medium

  • Parker Sonnet Premium

    Something Special

    The 2021 Refresh of the Parker Sonnet ranges includes a brand new collection: Premium. And, true to its name, it does in fact add several premium features that set it apart from any standard quality pen. The metal bodies are covered in satin or glossy varnishes. The caps, unique to each color, are chemically etched to ensure the beautiful intricate patterns stand out. Considering Parker’s tradition of fine craftmanship and you indeed will find the new Sonnet Premium to be something special.

  • Parker Sonnet Core

    Love Sonnet

    Create your own poetry with a Sonnet from Parker. Multiple layers of rich red, blue or black lacquer coat this long-lived, balanced design. Black Sonnets are offered in matte powder-coating or glossy lacquer. Feelings will flow from the heart straight to the steel nib on your fountain pen. The capped Sonnet rollerball lays down consistent liquid lines with a fine or medium point refill. The twist-top Sonnet ballpoint has infinite options to make it write just like you desire.

  • Parker Jotter XL

    Your Constant Companion

    Fun and practical, Jotter is perfect for those who need a pen on the go and love simple yet cool accessories.  Jotter ‘s iconic design features Parker’s trademark arrow clip, an emblem of Parker’s rich history and heritage. The iconic shape of the Jotter collection comes in a variety of finishes to complement your own unique style. 

    The unique mechanical design of the Jotter’s ballpoint tip uses a two-ball design, which reduces friction during writing, and allows for smoother, cleaner, and much neater writing. Jotter, smooth writing, every time.

  • Parker Jotter

    Parker Experience at a Less Than Premium Price 

    Your eyes don’t deceive you. Parker has built a Jotter in a fountain pen and priced the experience at just $30. Parker put their budget in the nib, of course. This premium stainless medium steel nib writes with the quality you would experience in far higher priced pens. Parker is aggressively courting the under $50 fountain pen lover, and they have hit a home run.

    As far back as 1959, Parker Jotter ballpoints sold out quickly. Parker urged its faithful customers to stock up quickly. We urge you to do the same. The Parker arrow clip has been updated and the famous "Jotter Click" has been fine tuned. Any variety of Parker-style refills shown below will customize the way your Jotter Premium writes. It's simple, all here on this page. What ARE you waiting for?

  • Parker Ballpoints

    Parker ballpoint pens are a one-piece twist to deploy design. The Parker ballpoint pen will accept an extremely broad selection of ballpoint refill technologies: standard ballpoint ink, GEL ballpoint ink, Liquid ballpoint ink as well as the Easy Flow technology from Schmidt. Some ballpoint ink choices come in as many as eight colors.

  • Parker Fountain Pens

    Parker offers a wide variety of fountain pens in classic to new tech designs. Parker fountain pens are usually sold in fine and medium nibs, but a few models are available with a medium nib only. Parker offers fountain pens in both steel and gold nibs. All Parker fountain pens will accept Parker ink cartridges or can be used with a Parker converter and bottled ink.

  • Parker Rollerballs

    Parker rollerball pens feature a separate cap and body design available in a wide range of collections. Your Parker rollerball pen will accept Parker rollerball refills available with a fine or medium point, as well as a specially designed Monteverde refill.

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