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  • Regal

    Auspicious Beginnings 

    Regal began manufacturing writing instruments in 1979 to address a niche missing in the pen industry at that time.  Beautiful pens at affordable prices for mass consumption.  Their product line has grown over the years and we hope to increase our offerings as the opportunities arise. 

  • S.T. Dupont

    Historical Overview S .T. Dupont

    In 1872, Simon Tissot Dupont opened his first workshop in Paris. The 145 years since span six human generations. And down those generations, a tradition has arisen. From grandparent to parent, parent to child, a gift of S.T. Dupont has been made to celebrate the most significant moments in life.

    The First Dupont Pen

    It was thanks to Jackie Kennedy, at the time First Lady of the United States, that the French House in 1973 introduced the Art of Writing. She asked them to design a handsome, simple and elegant writing

    instrument that would match her Ligne 1 lighter. Thus, S.T. Dupont invented the first luxury ballpoint pen for her. The firm's writing instruments have ever since been as much prized by heads of state as by lovers of fine writing. An S.T. Dupont pen offers the guarantee of impeccably high standards and the expression of a personal identity.

    By drawing inspiration from icons of 21st century pop culture, S.T. Dupont has redefined the boundaries for luxury and high-end products. The collections inspired by the worlds of Marvel, Star Wars, James Bond, McLaren and the Rolling Stones combine vibrant modernity with age-old traditions of craftsmanship.

    In 2017, S.T. Dupont celebrated 145 years of prestige and exclusivity, and continues to express its passion - creating exceptional products for exceptional people like Marylin, Audrey Hepburn, Picasso, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Leonardo Di Caprio, Daniel Craig, Cara Delevigne, Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman and Jean Dujardin.


    Fashioned from metal to give superior strength, the S.T. Dupont writing instrument takes shape in the hands of our master craftsmen over the course of 150 separate processes. The nib is subject to meticulous attention: in solid 14 Karat gold or stainless-steel, each nib is handcrafted and polished by our Master Craftsman giving a superlative quality to writing. All S.T. Dupont writing instruments are equipped with an articulated clip. The cap makes a click that reminds of the ‘cling’ of a lighter. The cap of the writing instrument will never touch the lacquer so as not to damage it.

  • Schmidt

    Simple Writing Pleasure 

    Hermann and Wilhelm Schmidt founded this company to supply high-precision parts to the clock industry in the Black Forest of Germany.  In 1969, Rolf Schmidt took them in a technical direction, developing and supplying equipment for small tolerance manufacturing.  The pens, nibs and refills they have produced in the intervening years are utilized by many other pen manufacturers worldwide. All are offered here, directly from Schmidt. 

  • Sensa

    The World’s Most Comfortable Pen IS BACK!
    Sensa Pens were originally introduced in 1995 and then vanished about ten years later.  We sold more Sensa pens during those ten years than any other single pen: period. That’s what a huge seller Sensa used to be. The patented grip section was a vastly treasured component and loved by thousands of consumers. The ergonomic Patented Plasmium ™ fluid gel grip was unique and obviously stress-relieving within minutes.

    What happened? The Sensa brand simply disappeared through a few ownership changes. Consumers were distraught. 

    Time to Rejoice!

    The new owners of Sensa have revived the brand, developed 2020 materials for the patented grip section and updated colors. Each Sensa pen is made from solid brass and lacquer coated in a choice of colors. A milled silver-plated pen top with the Sensa logo completes each pen. Winner of numerous design awards and featured in design museums the world over, Sensa pens takes writing to a new level of comfort.

  • Sheaffer

    Mark of Excellence 

    That small white dot on a Sheaffer pen clip has been their symbol of quality for over 100 years. Each collection bears this mark. If you check that Sheaffer fountain pen your grandfather gave you, it will have the white dot. Give the Sheaffer mark of excellence, to yourself or someone special in your life.

  • Sherpa

    Sherpa Carries Sharpie to New Heights

    Millions of consumers carry a Sharpie every day. There are an endless amount of fun Sharpie uses. Upgrade your favorite Sharpie with these amazing ‘covers’. Without a doubt, they project a fun attitude. All come loaded with a black Sharpie. 

    Sharpie, rollerball and fountain pen all in one Set!
    The Special Edition Cigar Set covers all the writing modes you could need. A Sharpie is included as usual. Also included are a Sherpa rollerball and fountain pen. That’s correct, all three writing modes fit into this amazingly realistic ‘cigar wrapper cover’. The set arrives in what looks like a classic cigar box.

    Colorado First in a Collectable Sherpa States’ Special Edition Series!
    Don’t miss the newest Special Edition; Colorado. Celebrate the state where Sherpa is designed and assembled.

  • Stipula Passaporto

    The ‘Super Light’

    We love fountain pen writing. We want to be able to carry a fountain pen everywhere and we always want to have it at hand.  If a fine quality pen would fit comfortably into your pants pocket and safely store a large volume of ink – it would be known as ‘Superleggera’: Italian for super light. And that it is. Able to safely store a high capacity of ink due to exclusive seals, the Superleggera turns into a ‘full size’ pen when the cap is screwed onto its body. Presto! A fine quality writer right there in your pocket.

    The Kit includes a cool metal case. In the foam lined case you’ll find the pen, an eye dropper for filling and two vials of starter ink. This crystal-clear demonstrator is available in extra fine, fine and medium. It is filled only with bottled ink. It’s even more cute than it appears. But don’t be fooled by its diminutive size as it’s a quality writer; ready anytime, anywhere.