Retro 1951 Tornado Deluxe

Retro 1951 Tornado Deluxe

Four New Designs Benefitting Three Great Charities!

Retro 51 has introduced four new designs to the Tornado Rescue Collection! These special pens benefit the nonprofit groups: Operation Kindness ( and Elephants, Rhino and People ( and, the NW Honeybee Habitat Restoration. Each pen comes in a matching tube. 

Elephants and Rhinos too!

Retro 51 has created this special Tornado benefiting the nonprofit group Elephants, Rhino and People ( with a mission to protect the wild populations of Southern Africa.


Acid-etched honeycomb texture with printed bees and antique copper accents. A donation is made to NW Honeybee Habitat Restoration.

Mathematicians use pens too   

This popular design was originally available only as 1.15mm pencil. Due to its popularity, Retro has added a rollerball in this lacquer finish. Now you can get your favorite mathematician a pencil and add this pen for a set! The capless rollerball point deploys with a twist of the knurled top. Tornado pens also fit any Parker-style refill. Create formulas with finesse in up to ten ink colors shown below.

Details, details, details

The fine, glow in the dark details on the new Retro 1951 Deluxe Dr. Gray Tornado are amazing. Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, the list is endless, will all get a kick out of this capless rollerball pen. Be reminded of Gray's Anatomy, written and hand illustrated in 1863 by Henry Gray. Your Dr. Gray is trimmed in gunmetal and arrives in companion tube. A great gift and a fun work tool.

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