Retro 1951 Rescue Donation Collection

Retro 1951 Rescue Donation Collection

Benefits for Our Friends

Retro51 has for years made a deep commitment to supporting various charities; most often animal rescue and environmental restoration.  Currently, they offer pens to support these four organizations:


Acid-etched honeycomb texture with printed bees and antique copper accents. A donation is made to NW Honeybee Habitat Restoration.

Elephants and Rhinos

Retro 51 has created this special Tornado benefiting the nonprofit group Elephants, Rhino and People ( with a mission to protect the wild populations of Southern Africa. Elephants and Rhino Rescue has these animals amusingly hidden within the acid etched texture. The overall look is a stonewash finish. A donation is made to Elephants, Rhino and People (ERP).

Turtles Too

Bamboo is Back to Support Restoration

Bamboo is an eco-friendly resource that has a beautiful light brown grain. The wood barrel is engraved with a turtle icon. Your purchase of this pen will provide a generous donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. This will result in the planting of long leaf pines to restore habitat in the Southeastern U.S. for the endangered Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus). Pretty cool.

Our Furry Friends: Dogs and Cats

The new Dog and Cat Rescue (Series 3) are printed with entertaining graphics on the metal barrel. A donation is made to Operation Kindness to help care for homeless pets in a no-kill shelter.

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