Retro 1951

Retro 1951

Life is Too Short 

… to carry an Ugly Pen! This Retro 1951 slogan perfectly expresses the philosophy of this successful company. Kitschy finishes, both hip and historic, on hardworking and durable writing instruments are the basis of Retro’s offerings. There are capless rollerballs, fountain pens and pencils in an array of designs. 

  • Retro 1951 Sports Edition

    Your Favorite Sports Fan’s Newest Pens

    Get your hands on these new Sports Edition rollerballs from Retro 51. Each pen has been acid-etched so you can feel the texture of each sport’s ball. We’re not kidding.

    Hail Mary and Hoops have a pebbled texture. The baseball Slider has raised red stitching. Can you say, “Homerun”! Each design is complete with complimentary trim. A matching display tube furthers your love for the game.

    Pickup a few of these sporty designs even if you’re not currently ’in the game’, you can still enjoy the rush of your favorite sport while writing. Or, make your favorite fan, really happy.

  • Retro 1951 Tread

    Tactile Sensation

    The Tread collection uses a chain-like pattern which is acid-etched on the barrel. The tactile feel provides a nice level of grip. The Sparkle and Flare are vibrant colors and the all matte black is named appropriately, Flint. Loaded with your favorite rollerball refill and packaged in a traditional Retro display tube. The rollerball can easily convert to a ball pen with a refill change to any Standard Parker Style refill. Color and point sizes choices abound. 

  • Retro 1951 Smithsonian Collection

    Support the Smithsonian and You Support Us All

    When you visit the Smithsonian, you’re visiting the world’s largest museum, education and research complex. There you’ll find approximately 154 million artifacts and specimens held in trust for the American people. The museum is dedicated to inspiring curiosity, discovery and learning about our world through unparalleled collections, exhibitions and educational outreach programs. Retro 51 is proud to support theses efforts. A contribution is made for every pen sold in the Retro 51 Smithsonian collection.

    The first design in the Smithsonian collection was the Corona twist-top rollerball pen. The deeply etched barrel is reminiscent of the ornamental bronze-colored metal lattice that covers the outside of the National Museum of African American History and Culture building in Washington D.C. Lead designer David Adjaye pays homage to the intricate ironwork crafted by enslaved African Americans in Louisiana, South Carolina, and elsewhere using this design. 

    This success followed with two more worthy additions; Dino which brings a smile to the face of every dinosaur lover both young and old. And, the striking colors on the Amelia Earhart commemorative Lockheed 5B Vega aircraft she piloted in her historic around the world adventures.

    Now comes the new Discovery, Gene Davis and our new favorite, Pen Pal.

    Each rollerball pen is uniquely numbered on the top ring. It ships in a commemorative Smithsonian display tube. 

  • Retro 1951 Big Shot

    Perfect for Your Bigshot 

    The Retro 1951 Big Shot is a slightly larger diameter Tornado. The realistically reproduced Sherman Tank is quite unique and arrives in a commemorative matching tube. The Titanium and Black Titanium are serious stunners. Fit, finish and fashion; another winner from Retro 1951. This capless rollerball features Retro’s signature knurled twist top. The rollerball can easily convert to a ball pen with a refill change to any Standard Parker Style refill. Color and point sizes choices abound.

  • Retro 1951 Rescue Donation Collection

    Benefits for Our Friends

    Retro51 has for years made a deep commitment to supporting various charities; most often animal rescue and environmental restoration.  Currently, they offer pens to support these four organizations:


    Acid-etched honeycomb texture with printed bees and antique copper accents. A donation is made to NW Honeybee Habitat Restoration.

    Elephants and Rhinos

    Retro 51 has created this special Tornado benefiting the nonprofit group Elephants, Rhino and People ( with a mission to protect the wild populations of Southern Africa. Elephants and Rhino Rescue has these animals amusingly hidden within the acid etched texture. The overall look is a stonewash finish. A donation is made to Elephants, Rhino and People (ERP).

    Turtles Too

    Bamboo is Back to Support Restoration

    Bamboo is an eco-friendly resource that has a beautiful light brown grain. The wood barrel is engraved with a turtle icon. Your purchase of this pen will provide a generous donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. This will result in the planting of long leaf pines to restore habitat in the Southeastern U.S. for the endangered Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus). Pretty cool.

    Our Furry Friends: Dogs and Cats

    The new Dog and Cat Rescue (Series 3) are printed with entertaining graphics on the metal barrel. A donation is made to Operation Kindness to help care for homeless pets in a no-kill shelter.

  • Retro 1951 HEX-O-MATIC

    Only Good Wishes

    Bestow only positive vibes when you give this HEX-0-MATIC ballpoint and mechanical pencil from Retro 1951. There was quite a customer clamor when the original HEX-0-MATIC disappeared. Now these popular six-sided tools are back in both the silver and matte black finishes. 

  • Retro 1951 Tornado Metalsmith

    Detailed Craftsmanship at Affordable Prices

    Retro has continued to evolve their Metalsmith collection. Each design has become an overwhelming best seller for good reason. Fine details on these pens from etchings to lacquers is beyond what any collector would expect at these amazing prices.

    Each design is a treasure. Choose from the exciting WWII P51, Roosevelt, Solid Copper and the latest, the Eiffel.

    Retro rollerball pens, by design, will also accept our most common ballpoint refill, the Parker-Style. This refill is available in 11 colors and various point sizes. 

  • Retro 1951 Tornado Fountain Pen

    Retro 51 has been the leader for decades in high-quality low-priced twist-top rollerball pens. Occasionally, they have dabbled in the fountain pen arena. Now, they’ve jumped in with both feet. They have upgraded nibs and brought out a sensational array of choices. From the ‘look at me’ frosted metallics to the stealthy all black. In between are drop dead gorgeous designs on the P51 and Lincoln. These are etched onto the surface and filled with bright colors. No detail is too small.

    Retro fountain pens come with two cartridges installed in the barrel. The steel nib choices are fine and medium. Add an ink converter for using with your bottle ink. And, add some ink too!

  • Retro 1951 Tornado Lacquer

    The Vintage Rollerball That Never Was

    Straight from the Fifties, these nifty Retro 1951 Lacquer Tornados may be our most popular pen under $30. Just twist the chrome knurled cap and your point extends. Any of the eleven brilliant lacquered finishes make an excellent choice for corporate logos or personalized engraving. We'll engrave from one to a thousand or more; just ask. Refill your Lacquer Tornado with the original capless rollerball refill or order any Parker-style refill in three ink types, multiple point sizes and colors.

  • Retro 1951 Tornado Pencils

    More Pencils Please!

    Retro 1951 has vastly expanded their fine 1.15mm pencil offering. Pencil lovers know that these 1.15mm writers are enjoyable due in part to the strength of this thickness of graphite. Not too thick and never as breakable as typical graphite sizes.

    Just as smooth as their rollerball cousins, these 1.15mm pencils operate with a simple twist of the top, plus, there is a huge eraser under the top for those who might make an occasional mistake.

    The newest addition is the Sir Isaac. It joins best sellers like Crossword, Dmitri, Albert and Dr. Gray. 

    Add some extra erasers and refills and it makes a great gift for the crossword devotee.

  • Retro 1951 Ballpoints

    All Retro 1951 ballpoint pens are a click-top for point deployment. A Retro 1951 ballpoint pen will accept an extremely broad selection of ballpoint refill technologies: standard ballpoint ink, GEL ballpoint ink, Liquid ballpoint ink as well as the Easy Flow technology from Schmidt. Some ballpoint ink choices come in as many as eight colors. Click-top magic.

  • Retro 1951 Fountain Pens

    The distinctive Cioppino finish on the Retro 1951 fountain pen makes it a wonderful part of an elegant gift set. Match it with the Retro 1951 Cioppino rollerball and you'll give a stunning gift set that will be used every single d
  • Retro 1951 Rollerballs

    A distinctive gift, yet one of the most treasured rollerballs ever sold, the Retro 1951 Tornado. Retro 1951 revolutionized rollerball technology with a twist top capless rollerball which accepts a versatile ink selection. Available in many unique finishes, many of which engrave beautifully. 

    All Retro 1951 rollerball pens will accept an extremely broad selection of ballpoint refill technologies too: standard ballpoint ink, GEL ballpoint ink, Liquid ballpoint ink as well as the Easy Flow technology from Schmidt. Some ballpoint ink choices come in as many as eight colors. 

  • Retro 1951 Multi-Pens and Pencils

    Just as smooth as its rollerball all cousins, these 1.15 and .7mm pencils lay down a smooth line and never waste lead. The 1.15 mm models advance lead with a simple twist of the top. The .7mm Hex’s are click-top advance. Known by artists, designers and engineers for their quality, Retro pencils rock.

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