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Hermann and Wilhelm Schmidt founded this company to supply high-precision parts to the clock industry in the Black Forest of Germany.  In 1969, Rolf Schmidt took them in a technical direction, developing and supplying equipment for small tolerance manufacturing.  The pens, nibs and refills they have produced in the intervening years are utilized by many other pen manufacturers worldwide. All are offered here, directly from Schmidt. 

  • Schmidt Capless Rollerball

    Schmidt's 'House Demo'

    Schmidt produces these delightful click-top one piece rollerballs to inexpensively introduce consumers to their capless ink technology. We've added these pens in five colors simply because they are a screaming deal. The sturdy pocket clip contains a retracting mechanism to assure you don't 'pocket' the pen with the tip exposed. Pretty cool. This click-top pen uses Schmidt's ceramic ball technology; smooth writing doesn't get any better than this. Oh, wait, it does! Schmidt just introduced this rollerball refill in additional colors and point sizes. Choose your refill in black, blue, green or red which are all offered in fine. The black and blue is now available in fine, medium or broad points.

  • Schmidt Intrinsic

    No More Excuses

    If you have always wanted to try writing with a fountain pen, here is the perfect opportunity. Schmidt Technology has a worldwide reputation for the smoothest stainless steel nibs in the industry. They have attached this fine or medium nib to a basic pen body that comes in all these unique and beautiful colors. Inspire someone else in your life to give fountain pen writing a try by adding lots of international-sized ink cartridges in all the fun colors.

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9 Item(s)