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Mark of Excellence 

That small white dot on a Sheaffer pen clip has been their symbol of quality for over 100 years. Each collection bears this mark. If you check that Sheaffer fountain pen your grandfather gave you, it will have the white dot. Give the Sheaffer mark of excellence, to yourself or someone special in your life.

  • Sheaffer Legacy

    4,900 Feet of Writing

    Smooth effortless rollerball writing. In fact, the Legacy’s liquid ink refill will take you nearly one mile! Sheaffer® re-introduces the iconic  Legacy Collection in archival-inspired chevron finishes. Traditional and modern at once, Legacy is a Sheaffer® hallmark that transforms the very act of writing into a luxurious experience. 

    There are many collector ‘type’ pens which sell for $800 and up that can’t match the quality of assembly and the engineering excellence that makes a Sheaffer Legacy such a prized possession.. Legacy has a substantial cigar-shaped profile. Not too large at all. It falls into the hand for writing like no other. The balance and weight are precise. With three brand new finishes of matte black, chrome and 23KT gold plate, you can match your personal style. We love the chrome for its tradition but don’t overlook the fresh new matte black.

    Legacy features the Sheaffer® White Dot® symbol of quality and prestige. It’s presented in a luxury Sheaffer gift box. You can count on Sheaffer’s Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.

  • Sheaffer Prelude Lacquer

    Just the Start

    Perhaps it is the first fountain pen you will try. Maybe a rollerball is the initial inspiration you need to tackle a new project. The ballpoint may be the perfect good-luck gift for a college freshman. We welcome back the Sheaffer Prelude collection in new lacquer finishes. Select a new glossy black lacquer pen, accented with popular gunmetal trim. Rose gold trim adorns the blue lacquer models. Both finishes come in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint modes. The perfect Prelude to just about everything.

  • Sheaffer Ion

    Clip, Click and Go

    This cool little Sheaffer ballpoint is pocket sized. Simply expand to extend the ballpoint refill and snap closed to retract. A favorite for backpacks and purses. The ring attaches easily to any strap. Ion snaps free when asked, ready to write. And write it does, like a Sheaffer.

  • Sheaffer Intensity

    Intense Value from Sheaffer 
    Now Closeout Priced for You

    The Sheaffer Intensity carries a modern sleek and streamlined design. Intensity has a perfectly balanced feel. The three finishes all feature chrome appointments. Choose from the All Black Lacquer, the Engraved Chrome  cap with Carbon Fiber or the all Carbon Fiber. Each choice has its own unique attraction. The Chrome is deep cut and has the look of sterling. The Black lies beneath layers of lacquer. The Carbon Fiber is simply mesmerizing to admire.

    The fountain pen features a Sheaffer medium steel nib. The ballpoint is a twist to deploy. The rollerball uses Sheaffer’s respected Slim Rollerball refill; known for its fluid writing. Enjoy these savings, we bought them all for our customers.

  • Sheaffer Reminder

    Here’s a Reminder

    The popularity and availability of ballpoint pens exploded in the 1950’s. The simple convenience over a fountain pen was easy to see. The prices were so attainable it opened the market for just about anyone to own a nice pen. As millions of ballpoint pens met shirt pockets, a disaster loomed. Tips were wicking ink onto cotton shirts everywhere!

    By the 1960’s, Sheaffer saved the day with a remarkably simple invention. The Sheaffer Reminder. And now it’s back. A demonstration of design ingenuity, it features the Sheaffer clickable clip. Simply click the bottom of the clip to propel and activate the ballpoint, and click the top when you’re finished writing to lock the tip into the retracted position. This smart design prevents the clip from attaching to a pocket, lapel or sheets of paper whenever the writing tip is activated. Reminder requests you to click it before you clip it.

    Of course, the Reminder features the Sheaffer® White Dot® symbol of quality. It’s presented in a premium gift box and arrives with a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty by Sheaffer.

  • Sheaffer VFM

    Always Appropriate
    The Sheaffer VFM is the popular choice for budget minded consumers looking for style and performance. These two new finishes update the collection with contemporary verve. The tapered fine-tuned design suits any lifestyle. The white dot on the clip signifies Sheaffer’s Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. This quality crafted pen makes a great gift. 

  • Sheaffer Dotted Journal

    Journal About...Anything

    Your day is full of possibility. Live it your way with an inspired journal designed to keep your options open and your ideas flowing. With large dotted pages, the Sheaffer® Dotted Journal provides a loose guide for calendars, lists, hopes, dreams, notes, quotes – you decide. Feel free to add stickers or drawings and use different writing instruments in multiple colors. The soft, flexible leatherette cover is caramel brown with black elastic closure. It measures a standard 7.3” x 10” (18.5cm x 25.5cm x 1.2cm). The paper is acid free of the highest quality. It has 160 dotted, perforated pages to enhance journaling, note-taking, or drawing. Or anything else you can dream.

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