Stipula Passaporto

Stipula Passaporto

The ‘Super Light’

We love fountain pen writing. We want to be able to carry a fountain pen everywhere and we always want to have it at hand.  If a fine quality pen would fit comfortably into your pants pocket and safely store a large volume of ink – it would be known as ‘Superleggera’: Italian for super light. And that it is. Able to safely store a high capacity of ink due to exclusive seals, the Superleggera turns into a ‘full size’ pen when the cap is screwed onto its body. Presto! A fine quality writer right there in your pocket.

The Kit includes a cool metal case. In the foam lined case you’ll find the pen, an eye dropper for filling and two vials of starter ink. This crystal-clear demonstrator is available in extra fine, fine and medium. It is filled only with bottled ink. It’s even more cute than it appears. But don’t be fooled by its diminutive size as it’s a quality writer; ready anytime, anywhere.

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