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The Oldest May Be the Most Contemporary

Authentically Italian, this brand’s heart has been beating since 1916. Originated in Florence by Giuseppe Tibaldi - a man with a singular passion for making pens, the company proved an industrial dream come true; up until 1965.

After several decades of leadership changes, it is now presided over by the Aquila family, life-long Italian virtuosos in the pen design and manufacturing industry, and a major proprietor of both the Tibaldi and Montegrappa trademarks. The Tibaldi company headquarters moved from Florence to Bassano del Grappa in 2004, giving this ‘forgotten’  label a new and irreverent rebranded impetus.

Today’s collections of Tibaldi pens display iconic pieces from the design archives, blending today’s streetstyle trends with fashion metrics from our past. A reloaded mix of writing staples that strikes as both perfectly familiar and yet incredibly adventurous at the same time.

  • Tibaldi N60

    Resins Unlike Any Other

    That was our staff’s reaction upon the first unboxing of the Tibaldi N60. Classic in shape but with colors that scream, “all eyes on me”! Pearly resins so deep and diverse you can’t help but stop and admire the unique piece chosen for your unique pen.

    A writing accessory that is thoroughly sartorial and surely the ultimate finishing touch to your power suit. The N60 lures the captive flashback fashion dandy inside you. This is what the N°60 collection represents today.

    Fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens are just a natural extension of your wardrobe. Add the missing accessory and acquire a piece of this storied Italian brand.

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