It All Began With Pencils 

In 1913, Tombow began making wood cased lead and colored pencils in Shinshiro, Japan.  Over the past four decades they have diversified into making rollerball pens and pencils with cutting-edge technology and materials.  If you know someone with a Tombow rollerball or mechanical pencil, they will tell you all about their devotion to their Tombow. Develop your own writing relationship. 

  • Tombow Limited Edition Centennial Ultra

    An Ultra Celebration

    Celebrate Tombow's 100th anniversary with this limited edition Centennial Ultra rollerball in two new finishes. Bronze or red anodized brushed aluminum takes the traditional Ultra cigar shape. A soft rubber grip is easy to hold. Inside, the Ultra rollerball resides the ever-popular Tombow liquid rollerball refill, available in extra fine, fine or medium point; black, blue or red ink. Our customers are addicted to Tombow rollerball refills so we always have plenty ready to ship. Quantities of this special Ultra pen are limited though, so stock up today!

  • Tombow Zoom Light Multifunction Ballpoint

    Quick Change Multi-Function

    The Tombow Zoom Light multi-function pen comes in almost as many colors on the outside as the refill colors for the inside. First choose from silver, bronze, navy, peacock or pink for the exterior. Then look at ten different refill colors for the two ballpoints inside. Oh, and there's a .5mm pencil point in there too. Rotate the pen until you see your choice , then push the button to extend the tip. It's a quick and easy switch.

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5 Item(s)