Visconti Fountain Pens

Visconti Fountain Pens

Visconti fountain pens are crafted in Florence, Italy. New collections include the Visconti Limited Edition Declaration of Independence fountain pen with a 23k palladium nib and the Visconti Michelangelo fountain pen with a 14k gold nib. The Visconti Black Divina fountain offers a 14k gold nib as well. The Visconti Limited Edition Carbon Dream and Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pens feature the famous Dreamtouch nib. The Visconti Rembrandt a stainless steel nib. This wide range of nib choices is available in fine, medium and broad points. All Visconti fountain pens are piston fill only, with the exception of the Visconti Michelangelo and the Visconti Rembrandt fountain pens which also accept international sized ink cartridges.

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