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Refills for Fisher

Fisher is world renown for its pressurized ballpoint refill which went to the moon. The astronauts used it for writing right side-up, upside down, under water, at zero gravity, at high altitudes, basically - EVERYWHERE. It fits in the Bullet Space Pen, but can also be adapted for use in any ballpoint that uses a Parker-style refill. Colorado Pen carries a large selection of colors and point sizes in this oil-based, waxy ballpoint ink refill. Colorado Pen also carries a mini ballpoint refill which snaps off at designated lengths so you can adapt it for a proper fit in your particular multi-pen.

  • Ballpoint Refills for Fisher

    This amazing pressurized ballpoint refill from Fisher fits in any Parker-style ballpoint pen. It comes with a special adapter that makes it a perfect replacement for your Parker-style ballpoint refill. If you have a Fisher Bullet Space Pen, this is the refill you need. You will be delighted with the performance of this pressurized refill, best known for its trip to the moon. Select from eight colors in the medium point size, and standard colors in fine and broad point. You will also see the optional Bullet pen clip here. This comes in three colors, gold, silver or matte black to either match or accent your Space Pen.

  • Multi-Pen Refills for Fisher

    The multi-pen refill offered by Fisher not only fits their multi-pens, but will fit in most other brands of multi-pens. It contains standard ballpoint ink, which is oil-based and waxy. It also has three length options for a customized fit in most any multi-pen. It's available in black, blue or red; all with a fine point.