Refills for Lamy

Lamy pens, all of them - fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint, need Lamy refills. The only exceptions are Lamy multi-pens like the Accent or 2000 which fit the Monteverde or Fisher mini-ballpoint refill or a piston-fill fountain pen like the 2000. Your Lamy 2000 mechanical pencil uses .5mm lead of any brand or hardness. Customers love the way their Lamy writes. Their pens are one of the best values in the market. But you do have to purchase Lamy ink cartridges for your fountain pen, Lamy rollerball refills for your rollerball, and Lamy ballpoint refills for your ballpoint. Fountain pen cartridges are offered in seven colors. If you don't have an ink converter to use bottled ink, those are available as well. A few Lamy fountain pens are piston-fill only, necessitating the use of bottled ink. Select from the Colorado Pen, Pelikan standard or premium Edelstein ink or Waterman bottles. Rollerball refills, both M63 and M66, are offered in a fine point. The most popular M16 ballpoint is offered in a fine, medium or broad point. We also offer the M22 ballpoint refill which fits the short Lamy.

  • Ballpoint Refills for Lamy

    Lamy ballpoints fit only Lamy ballpoint refills. Most Lamy ballpoint pens use the M16 refill, available in a fine, medium or broad point. Colorado Pen also offers the M22 ballpoint refill, a short 2-1/2", to fit in the Lamy Pico ballpoint pen.

  • Fountain Pen Refills for Lamy

    Most Lamy fountain pens refill with ink cartridges or an ink converter and bottled ink.

    If you did not receive an ink converter or have misplaced it, they are available below. Two different types are offered, one for the Safari and Al-Star fountain pens, and the other for Lamy Studio or Diaglog 3.

    Colors abound in both Lamy ink cartridges and in the various brands of bottled ink we offer.

    The Lamy 2000 fountain pen is a piston-fill system, necessitating the use of bottled ink. You'll find the Colorado Pen brand has a huge 90ml bottle and an assortment of colors.

  • Multi-Pen and Pencil Refills for Lamy

    The Lamy Accent and Lamy 2000 4-Color ballpoint use standard mini ballpoint refills. We recommend Monteverde liquid ink mini ballpoint refills available in eleven colors. If you like standard ballpoint ink in your multi-pen, Fisher offers a mini ballpoint refill that can be snapped to the exact size you need. You may even find the pda stylus option useful. This can be installed instead of one of the mini-ballpoint refills.

    Your Lamy Accent also fits .7mm lead for the pencil function and has eraser refills available. The Lamy Studio mechanical pencil uses .5mm lead.

  • Rollerball Refills for Lamy

    Your Lamy rollerball refill determines the way your Lamy rollerball pen writes. Perhaps that why you love this pen so much. We carry two varieties of Lamy rollerball refills, the M63 and the M66. Both are offered in a fine point in black, blue, red or green ink.The Lamy Swift and Lamy Diaglog 2 rollerball pens fit the M66 refill. Lamy Safari, Al-Star and Studo rollerball pens use the M63 refill.