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720.259.1601 Friendly, experienced Customer Service standing by 8-2 p.m. M.T.

Refills for Lamy

In 2014, we began offering Colorado Pen branded inks for Lamy due to better availability and the significantly expanded range of colors. Our customers have been thrilled at the quality, colors and of course, significantly lower price.

For your Lamy fountain pen we offer a cartridge which fits your Lamy fountain pen perfectly. Our customers love the quality of the ink. If you prefer to use your ink converter and bottled ink, take a look at our large selection of bottled inks.

  • Ballpoint Refills for Lamy

    The Monteverde Liquid Ink Refill for Lamy Ballpoints requires less pressure on the point than conventional oil-based ballpoint ink and perfectly fits in place of the M-16 refill. Rollerball type ink in a ballpoint body. Water based, low viscosity ink in a large capacity nickel silver tube with a nickel silver tip. Ten ink colors available.

  • Fountain Pen Refills for Lamy

    Most Lamy fountain pens refill with ink cartridges or an ink converter and bottled ink.

    We've expanded our colors and options in our Colorado Pen Branded ink cartridges to include cartridges  for Lamy fountain pens. As you know, you've been limited in color choices due to the unique shape. No more. Choose our perfect fitting option which features 11 color choices.

    The Lamy 2000 fountain pen is a piston-fill system, necessitating the use of bottled ink. You'll find the Colorado Pen brand has a huge 90ml bottle and an assortment of colors.

  • Multi-Pen and Pencil Refills for Lamy

    The Lamy Accent and Lamy 2000 4-Color ballpoint use standard mini ballpoint refills. We recommend Monteverde liquid ink mini ballpoint refills available in eleven colors. If you like standard ballpoint ink in your multi-pen, Fisher offers a mini ballpoint refill that can be snapped to the exact size you need. You may even find the pda stylus option useful. This can be installed instead of one of the mini-ballpoint refills.

    Your Lamy Accent also fits .7mm lead for the pencil function and has eraser refills available. The Lamy Studio mechanical pencil uses .5mm lead.