Fountain Pen Refills for Pelikan

Fountain Pen Refills for Pelikan

If you have a Pelikan piston-fill fountain pen, we have plenty of bottled ink options for you to try. Many customers like the Pelikan premium brand, Edelstein. The colors are bright and it arrives in a unique bottle. We also carry Colorado Pen ink in a huge 90ml bottled, as well as Pelikan's standard ink and Waterman ink in all the favorite colors.

In recent years Pelikan has offered fountain pens that are cartridge filled or come with an ink converter to load bottled ink. Pelikan ink cartridges are offered in two sizes, standard international-sized 1-1/2", or the large 2-3/4" cartridges. If you like to stay with the same color ink in your Pelikan, go with the large size for less time spent replacing ink cartridges. If you like to change ink colors frequently, opt for the 1-1/2" cartridges. Colorado Pen ink cartridges are available in the same standard or large sizes.

If you have a cartridge fill Pelikan, but would like to use bottled ink, converters are available below. All Pelikan fountain pens that fit cartridges will fit this converter.

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