Creepy Scrawlers Write!

The Creepy Scrawlers come out day or night and are ready to ‘write around with you’. Are you ready? Several of these fun monsters are printed around this Tornado's barrel and complimented with matte black trim. Put these Creepy Scrawlers in your purse or pocket and take them with you to work or school and see what happens! You cannot deny their mischievous smiles, googly eyes and sharp teeth, plus they glow in dark! 

Each twist-top rollerball pen is engraved with the limited-edition number from 1 to 1313 pieces. They are packaged in an entertaining graphic tube with even more monsters! Pick one up and be prepared for this year’s scariest Halloween ever!

(Retro51 wants you to know that they are not liable for any mischievous behavior that may occur whilst wielding your very own Creepy Scrawlers Limited Edition)

Retro 1951 Limited Edition Creepy Scrawlers

  • Overall Size - 5 in. x 1/2 in. (127mm x 13mm)
  • Weight - 30 g
  • Composition - Enameled brass
  • Appointments - Stealth black
  • Engraving - This pen does not have a space for engraving or the material simply does not allow us to engrave.
  • LIQUID INK REMINDER! - This refill is loaded with state of the art liquid ink. It is designed to wick onto paper. If it comes in contact in anyway with cloth it will drain itself by design. WARNING!

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