Visconti Announces Mirage: Priced under $150

This year Visconti celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special new pen collection: The Mirage. A pen with a completely new concept, new nib, new color palette, a distinct new character. Priced from just $139, the Mirage is a Visconti pen designed for everyone.

Visconti is a leader in the design and production of pens joining innovation with art. The Mirage collection takes a step further, declaring that art can be a wonderful illusion as its name suggests. A mirage shows something to be real or true, when in reality it is an illusion. When designing the Mirage, Visconti wanted to explore new boundaries, and gain a perspective beyond company tradition.  The result is a pen, whose smooth surface alternates between fluid lines that are both concave and convex, accented by Visconti's iconic clip. These reflective planes give off the appearance of colors and shapes that continuously change, like a mirage. Like the great artist Marcel Duchamp declared more than 50 years ago: "Let's enjoy the beauty of the mirage, because this is what remains to us."

Innovation behind the design:

Magnetic closure: brand new design with guidance grooves, resulting in a cap that does not rotate or move once capped.

New Visconti steel nib: German made, smooth and precise to write with. The design has the perfect amount of width variation between nib sizes. Available in F, M and B.

New clip: designed and manufactured to accentuate the three-dimensional aspect of the writing instrument.

The fountain pen ships with an ink converter ready for use with any bottle ink you desire. The new German steel nib is truly a smooth and precise writer. The rollerball takes the most common refill we offer in sizes from fine to broad and in up to 10 color choices. Don’t let this mirage disappear before your very eyes; order your Mirage today!

Visconti Mirage Fountain Pen Emerald

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  • Overall Size - 5 1/2 in. x 9/16 in. (140mm x 15mm)
  • Body - 4 15/16 in. x 1/2 in. (125mm x 13mm)
  • Cap - 2 9/16 in. x 9/16 in. (65mm x 15mm)
  • Weight - 30 g
  • Composition - Variegated resin body and cap
  • Appointments - Chrome
  • Nib - Stainless steel
  • Ink - Bottled ink converter is included
  • Engraving - This pen does not have a space for engraving or the material simply does not allow us to engrave. - Learn more about custom laser engraving

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