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Kids Will Love it!

This is a great pen to encourage youth writing skills. Priced perfectly for gift giving to anyone. When you first try this new writing mode, you will be left with a feeling of excitement and satisfaction. The Yookers Felt-Tip pens literally glide across a quality paper. And, it’s refillable with a simple international ink cartridge. Even more enticing are the choices of four writing tips from extra fine to a nice broad line. Choose your favorite design and then add a few tip choices!

Use and maintenance of your Yookers Felt-Tip

Just Four Parts
Your Yookers has a felt-tip, the body and cap, and the cartridge or converter for bottle ink.

Filling Your Yookers with Ink
Remove the cap and set aside. Remove the barrel by turning it clockwise. Remove the installed ink converter with a gentle pull. You can now insert an ink cartridge into the tip. The cartridge has one end with a little ball. Place this end into the tip section and press until you feel a click. The cartridge is now allowing ink to flow to your felt-tip.

If you want to use bottle ink, place the converter into the ink and twist to draw ink up into the converter. Remove your converter from the bottle, blot the end a bit and then insert firmly into your tip section. Ink will begin to flow into your Felt-Tip.

Maintaining Your Felt-Tip Pen
Simply remove the front section by unscrewing it from the barrel section. Rinse the front section under a steady, slow stream of room temperature water. This will cause residual pigment to leave the tip. Flush until it runs clear. 

If you haven’t flushed for several cartridges, let the section soak overnight in a cup of water. After flushing or a soak, touch the tip to a paper towel and draw the residual water out. When you change ink colors, a quick flush will get you ready for your next color. A quick monthly flush will keep your tip in top condition.

Using your felt-tip pen
The Yookers Felt-Tip should glide across your paper effortlessly. Never press too firmly as it will prematurely wear out the tip. When not writing with your pen, keep it stored vertically (Like in a cupholder.) with the tip pointing up to prevent ink from settling in and clogging the feed. If you do not intend to use your Felt-Tip Yookers for more than 3-4 days, flush and store it clean. If traveling by air, we recommend either a completely full converter or completely empty. Keep the tip pointed up. Just like a fountain pen, always keep your pen capped when not in use.

Ink Supply
Bottled ink: Quality ink is the key. Any older ink (more than two years) may cause your flow to slow. Your Yookers prefers thinner inks like Colorado Pen, Waterman and Sheaffer. Black ink contains elements which may cause your tip to dry out. If you prefer to use black ink, stay with a thinner ink like those listed. If your tip does dry out, simply flush and refill.

Cartridges: Any international standard ink cartridge will work. Flush every two cartridges and your Yookers will flow perfectly.

Storing Your Felt-Tip Yookers
If you don’t plan to use your pen for a prolonged period of time, like a month, empty it out and wash the tip before storing. 

Yookers Yooth Fiber Pen Blue

1 1
  • Overall Size - 5 1/4 in. x 1/2 in. (133mm x 13mm)
  • Body - 5 in. x 7/16 in. (125mm x 12mm)
  • Cap - 2 1/4 in. x 1/2 in. (56mm x 13mm)
  • Weight - 15 g
  • Composition - Resin
  • Appointments - Chrome
  • Tip - Fiber Point
  • Ink - Bottled ink converter is not included
  • Engraving - This pen does not have a space for engraving or the material simply does not allow us to engrave.

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  • 8/14/2019

    Completely unlike the Metis version, this dries out quickly

    I am a big fan of the Metis range which I have used every day for many months. I have two and the tip stays moist and ready to use even if not used for weeks at a time because the cap screws tightly onto the body of the pen. The Yooth cap however just snaps onto the body and, while quick and easy, does not create a good seal so that the tip dries out after just a few hours. It then has to be "worked" for a number of strokes to get the ink flowing. Do your self a favor - buy the excellent Metis version, not the Yooth.