Dads & Grads - Free Laser Engraving, Free Gift Wrap and Free Shipping; orders $50 plus

Memorize this special event!

What a great time to take advantage of Free Laser Engraving ($12) and Gift Wrapping ($8). Plus, we’ll even ship for Free! Get Dad, your graduate or even yourself, a great deal on the hundreds of pens we offer. But don’t wait too long as this special Dads & Grads deal will be gone before you know it.

American Pen delivers a 20% price reduction; credits U.S. manufacturing.

Reconsidering ‘Made in USA’

APC began U.S. production in the spring of 2014. Steadily, they have built a U.S. based supplier network of firms who understood their desire to return fine writing manufacturing to our shores. After several production runs, APC has been able to reduce the MSRP of its best-selling Independence fountain and Minimalist Ink Ball pens by 20%. APC credits this to efficiencies of manufacturing with a close-knit supplier network.

The best writing pen you have never tried: the Schmidt Ink Ball

Everyone who tries an Ink Ball writing pen is amazed at the fluidity. Using a standard fountain pen ink cartridge, the Ink Ball system allows for a free flow of ink to paper just like the best fountain pens. The simplicity of the technology eliminates any messy ink concerns. Simply plug the cartridge in and the tip flows like a turbo charged rollerball. What’s really amazing is that you don’t even have to cap the tip. The Ink Ball system is for all practical purposes, airtight.


Can your ball pen write in 31 different colors?

We have more than 50,000 customers. There must be 5,000 purple writers as well as 5,000 that like to write in turquoise. Not to mention, reds, blues, oranges and greens! Free yourself from the black or blue only choices.


We’ve added a fine point!

Over the last ten months, the feedback we’ve gotten from many Ink Ball buyers was for a finer writing tip. We originally offered the Ink Ball in medium. Now, we’ve made the fine tip available for all of those who wrote and asked for a finer experience.

100% satisfaction Guaranteed

In addition to your satisfaction, all American Pen Company instruments are warrantied against manufacturing defects for life. Try the Minimalist and Independence Ink Ball and if you aren’t 100% satisfied, send it back. That’s how confident we are after selling thousands of these pens.


Paradise Pen Burlwood Pen Chest 

 5 Pen $195 • 10 Pen $240 

Comfortable accommodations

Too often pen chests are made to accommodate only the thinnest of writing instruments. Not so with these Paradise Pen luxury cases. Generously sized in both length and width, these elegant pieces of mini furniture can be proudly displayed on a desk or discretely hold pens in a dressing area. Select from five or ten pen models, in classic burl wood or a modern carbon fiber look. A perfect home for a building collection.

Paradise Pen Carbon Pen Chest 

 5 Pen $190  • 10 Pen $210 

Choose a modern masterpiece

It’s all about the color. Visconti enhances the Rembrandt collection with an addition named ‘Art Collection’. Created in three new finishes, Forest, Eclipse and Twilight are all very dark until close examination. Then, when the light hits the resin, Visconti’s art comes alive! Every single Art Collection piece is unique due the use of this variegated resin. It’s a collector piece.

The Rembrandt range uses a central design theme dating from the Renaissance period known as chiaroscuro; the playful contrast of light and dark. Under light, these contrasts are most profound. The central cast ring is finely engraved with motifs used by Rembrandt. The magnetic locking closure literally attracts the cap to the two-piece pen body. A twist ballpoint also features the iconic Visconti clip, designed for durability.

Visconti Rembrandt Art Collection $165 - $175


Who We Are

Many of our customers have been calling, emailing and getting to know our staff for honestly decades. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of writing instrument experience on staff. All of our staff is accessible to our customers. Because we want to be in touch. Our General Manager/Buyer, Cheryl, (20 years with the company) takes consumer calls five days a week (She’d add, “pretty many Saturday’s too…”) because she loves the firsthand interaction with our customers. Or, you could get our IT Guy, Paul, (Also 20 years.). Besides developing our entire IT infrastructure, maintaining a world-class website and shooting all of our images, Paul takes consumer email and calls every day. Joe, runs our outbound consumer shipping department, inventory control and manages all of our custom laser engraving. You guessed it; 20 years strong. Joe just happens to be our on-staff refill encyclopedia. If you need a refill for that pen you got 15 years ago in a Hong Kong hotel room, Joe’s your guy. (It’s a Parker Style ballpoint by the way.) I could go on.

Our point is

We are a group of professionals who provide the best user experience when it comes to selecting a fine writing instrument on the web. We’re dedicated to extraordinary customer service when you need it. That means being available every day to answer any question you may have via email or phone. It means we ship every order same day if the product is in stock (Which means 92% of the time it ships same-day.) And on your behalf, we reach out to brands around the world and establish professional working relationships to bring what we feel are the finest products directly to our customers. Our staff works very hard to curate what we strongly feel are best in class products. We do all of this to be your go-to resource for all that is fine writing.

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