New "vintage" Duofolds

Because Parker got it
right the first time,
they have resurrected
three historic finishes from the
original 1920s Parker Duofold
collection. The Big Red comes
back in a lighter, more orange
tone; the Lapis Lazuli is a rich
blue first launched in 1927; and
the White Ivorine was only
available for a short time back
then due to the ... read more

Parker Duofold

Starting at $210

The true meaning of Cisele

"Cisele" is French for chisel.
The Parker Sonnet Sterling Silver
Cisele puts the meaning of this word into
your hands. A sterling silver material is
finely chiseled with the crosshatch pattern
that receives an equally fine touch of
black lacquer in the grooves. Gold-plated
trim completes the design. Fountain pens
boast an 18k gold nib in fine or medium
point. Use the included converter for your
bottled ink or order Parker ink cartridges.
Rollerballs hold a unique ... read more

Parker Sonnet Sterling Silver Cisele

Starting at $180

Love Sonnet

Create your
own poetry
with a Sonnet from Parker.
Multiple layers of rich red or black
lacquer are accented with 23k gold plated
trim. Feelings will flow from the heart
and the gold plated steel nib in a fine or
medium point. Refill your Sonnet
fountain pen with Parker ink cartridges
or the included converter and your
favorite bottled ink. The capped Sonnet
rollerball lays down ... read more

Parker Sonnet Lacquer

Starting at $72

Create your 

own magic

Customize a Pilot
Vanishing Point fountain
pen for yourself or someone you
know extremely well. This retractable
nib fountain pen is rich in both
history and performance. A durable
metal body, attractive appointments
and its unique vanishing nib. First
select from four finishes for the
barrel. Then select a color for the
body. Then a trim color. And finally,
and most importantly, ... read more

Pilot Vanishing Point

Starting at $140

         ach Porsche Design collection speaks to a certain aspect of the motoring world. Aeroquip, stainless steel, 

          aluminum, carbon fibre, titanium, and certainly aerodynamics. We can boastfully state that you will not be disappointed in any Porsche Design writing instrument. Take the challenge; test drive a Porsche Design writer today.

A Solid score

Take fountain pen writing to the limit with the new one-piece Porsche Design Solid. A large block of solid titanium is perfectly milled to form the barrel. A rhodium plated 18k gold nib lays down the ink with a fine, medium or broad nib. read more

Protective aluminum case

Endurance and design

Two features that directly translate from automobiles to writing instruments. Porsche Design’s TecFlex collection makes that translation perfectly clear. The exterior of the fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint and pencil are covered in a woven sheath of all stainless steel or stainless steel and gold threads ... read more

A new twist for the Shake

Porsche Design has added two new milled aluminum finishes to the popular Shake ballpoint series. This twisted barrel comes in matte black or silver. All trim matches the barrel for a rich appearance. The efficient "Shake" deployment brings the point out and retracts it with a quick flick of the wrist. read more

Hugo Boss Essential Black
Hugo Boss Grand Hugo Boss Saffiano
Hugo Boss USB Folder Hugo Boss Fuse
Hugo Boss Essential Striped Hugo Boss Grid Hugo Boss Kite Grid

The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Metropolitan Museum of Art Russian Imperial

Get away

Each time you take a Waterford Celestial pen in hand, you are transported to deep darkness, far away from city lights. The finish on the fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint reminds one of stepping outside the tent at 2:00 am and gasping at stars. Based upon the popular Waterford Crystal Evolution Celestial pieces, bright flecks of gold, blue and cream replicate the skies of rural Ireland in the late, late night. Shiny gold tones accent this stunning Japanese resin. The art deco clip, name on the center ring and star cut in the top serve to remind us of the Waterford heritage. Spend your moments of contemplation staring at the stars in this Waterford Celestial.