Sheaffer Sagaris
For your daily battles
Arm yourself with the new Sheaffer Sagaris fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint. Bold metallic lacquer finishes in silver, blue, red or brown cover this light-weight design and are trimmed in chrome. A basic tool for daily battles in the board… read more
Sheaffer Sagaris
Fountain Pen $65
Rollerball $55
Ballpoint $45

Sheaffer 300
New finishes for the Sheaffer 300
We are proud to again present the classic Sheaffer 300 series, this time in three brand new finishes: brushed chrome with gold toned trim; glossy blue and metallic grey, both with chrome trim. These popular cigar-shaped fountain pens, rollerballs, and twist ballpoints are well-balanced and comfortable in the hand. This series is the perfect opportunity to mix and match for a… read more
Sheaffer 300
Fountain Pen $80
Rollerball $65
Ballpoint $55

Sheaffer Prelude
Just the start
Perhaps the first fountain pen you will try. Maybe the initial inspiration you need to tackle a new project. Possibly a motivational gift to launch a college freshman. The new Sheaffer Prelude collection is a perfect start to many great thoughts. The shiny black onyx lacquer barrel is paired with a bright palladium cap that has very subtle lines. A new matte black cap and barrel model is also available. Both options come in fountain pen, rollerball and … read more
Sheaffer Prelude Black
Fountain Pen $105-$140
Rollerball $90-$115
Ballpoint $85-$95

Sheaffer Mythology
You know someone
You probably know someone who would sincerely appreciate using one of these distinctive Greek Mythology Sheaffer 100 ballpoints. Perhaps it is the most loving, generous, person you know. The Aphrodite Floral in pink lacquer is covered with doves. Perhaps it is that friend who possesses a twinkle in their eye. They will feel the heat from the Hades Flame silk-screened on black lacquer. Perhaps the control freak would… read more
Sheaffer Mythology
Ballpoint $40

Scuderia Ferrari VFM Ballpoint By Sheaffer
Dream on
A perfect gift for all those "if only" friends. If only I won the lottery. If only I invented the Pet Rock. If only I could have the car of my heart's desire. Ferrari by Sheaffer has added a black model to the popular red color. The VFM is a click button ballpoint, easily operated with one hand. Both the original red and NEW black models are trimmed in nickel plating and bear the famous racing team name on the center ring. Both gloss finishes have a silk screen Scuderia Ferrari logo, making them a fun gift between friends.
Scuderia Ferrari VFM Ballpoint By Sheaffer
Ballpoint $26

Scuderia Ferrari Intensity by Sheaffer
It was inevitable
The streamlined Sheaffer Ferrari Intensity provides a get-to-it and do-it-well mindset when taken in hand. Draw inspiration from the Scuderia Ferrari emblem on the clip and name on the center band. Whether you choose a carbon fibre, all-white or red Intensity, the experience will be the same. Select from a fine or medium nib for your fountain…read more
Scuderia Ferrari Intensity by Sheaffer
Fountain Pen $100
Rollerball $90
Ballpoint $75

Scuderia Ferrari 300 Collection by Sheaffer
Grin from ear to ear
Using a fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint from the Scuderia Ferrari 300 collection by Sheaffer will bring on the broadest smile of your day. You can't help it. This new collection features passion and identifiable designs. From the dramatic black accents to the perfectly…read more
Scuderia Ferrari 300 Collection by Sheaffer
Fountain Pen $90
Rollerball $75
Ballpoint $65

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