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$498 Pineider Gemstone Fountain Pen

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4. The innovative leaders in the world of ink; Monteverde USA is proud to introduce the Gemstone Collection. This 10 bottle set of brilliant colors along with Monteverde’s Monza demonstrator fountain pen is a fun way to express your thoughts. Choose a new jewel tone shade on a mere whim. Each shade will add a layer of personal expression and value to your communication. The Gemstone shades are rich in color formulation and vibrant in appearance.

Colors included are Sapphire, Olivine, Topaz, Fireopal, Moonstone, Amethyst, Charoite, Erinite, Ruby and Garnet.

Save 20% on the Gemstone ink set and then choose a nib size for the complimentary blue Monza demonstrator.

Gemstone Ink Set $80 for $64

Monza Blue Demonstrator Fountain Pen $20 Free

A New Writing Experience is Here


Metis $53

Truly new experiences are rare in life. Memorable ones even more. When you first try this new writing mode, you will be left with a feeling of excitement and satisfaction. The Yookers Felt-Tip pens literally glide across a quality paper. And, it’s refillable with a simple international ink cartridge. Even more enticing are the choices of four writing tips from extra fine to a nice broad line. Choose your favorite design and then add a few tip choices!

Yooth $12

Pineider Demonstrates Another First. Several Actually.

We love demonstrator pens and these are the Best Ever! The fountain pen features a see-through body that allows you to judge exactly how much of your ink remains. The converter itself actually has a measure. Even the ballpoint and rollerball refills allow you to see inside the refill itself and gauge exactly what remains. Can you sense how much we love these Ultra Resin Avatars? Unique  is just the beginning.

Ever Own the Very Finest?

One of the world’s most respected stationers you’ve never heard of, Pineider. Based in Florence, Italy, it’s serviced customers through the decades like, Anthony Hopkins, Mel Gibson and Madonna. The request from Elizabeth Taylor for letter paper to match the magnificent color of her eyes was not and unusual. Founded in 1774, Pineider has been the go-to stationer for artists, royals, industrialists and governments the world over. The paper in the Hollywood Journal is certified by Pineider for use with fountain pens. For very little you can possess and experience the very finest.

Each hard-covered journal has 190 lined pages. The color is classic ivory. The paper measures 8 3/8” x 5 ½”. It weighs 14 ounces.

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Free Ink Offer
For the next few days get two boxes of cartridges ($8.50) or a bottle of our 30m ink ($8.00). Both allow for writing in 30 colors!

The Online Vision Magic offers all the fun colors you’d want. The brushed aluminum bodies scream with color. The trim is an understated black. With an ergonomic grip area, these fountain pens write with ease. 

Alerting All EF Writers

The black stainless steel nibs are available in extra fine as well as fine and medium. 

Free Ink Converter Included

For bottled ink, we’re including a Free Converter

a $6.00 savings!

Engrave Your Vision Magic

We’re also including Free Engraving;

a $12.00 savings! These engraves nicely in a permanent silver white color.

“Coolest Pen We’ve Seen”

We review a lot of new pens from our vendors. Every so often a new pen collection comes along which gets our staff talking. This Pineider Limited Edition Black Knight and Black Prince Honeycomb truly impressed us. “The honeycomb design is carried off brilliantly.” “The 14k nib is so flexible and flows with little effort.” “Everyone just wants to hold this pen.” These are a few of the compliments we’ve heard.

We think the Honeycomb L.E. is without any doubt the most exciting pen we’ve seen in 2019; or longer. See what you think.

Best Value Ever?

The Monteverde Aldo Domani Collection features nicely weighted, full-sized fine writers at prices we never dreamed were possible. The fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints are offered in stately black, vibrant red or deep blue. The shiny lacquer is then trimmed with chrome and topped with a black end piece. Two-piece pens have screw-on, not click caps. All these Aldo Domani pens are priced so low, you will want at least one set of...read more 

Rollerball & Ballpoint Set Savings
Save 15% additional

Aldo Domani $25 - $40

Monteverde Logo

Monteverde Tool Pen Edge $30

Monteverde Logo

What's in a Name?

A lot, in the case of the Monteverde Impressa collection. This new series is impressive for its unique styling and stunning finishes. The squared cap top gently transitions to a rounded barrel. Impressa is covered with layers of iridescent blue with snazzy matching blue trim, a classic black lacquer with subdued gunmetal trim or a unique gray with red trim. Select your favorite combination for the perfect impression, or should we say Impressa?

The fountain pen’s stainless steel nib is available in fine, medium and  broad. It includes a threaded ink converter. The fountain pen fills with our Colorado Pen cartridges, the ballpoint accepts the common Parker-Style refill, and the rollerball accepts our common rollerball refill.


Fountain Pen  $50 $40
Rollerball  $45 $36
Ballpoint  $40 $32

Designed by a Creative Master 

Dante del Vecchio, the designer behind almost every smash hit from Visconti, has joined Pineider to deliver pens which match the incomparable quality behind this storied Florentine brand. We can’t wait to see what Mr. del Vecchio does with the rich history and quality commitment of Pineider. It’s so rich a history from which to draw upon.

A sample of Pineider Note Cards and matching Envelopes are included in each box. It’s a clear connection to the 244 year Florentine history as a respected maker of stationery and fine office goods.

This unique resin based new material has a high percentage of marble dust. Marble dust was added for three reasons: By adding this material, Pineider has produced a harder compound to increase the brilliance of each color with a final high gloss polish, meticulously applied by hand. The result is incredible: The Lapis Blue or Malachite Green can be   mistaken for the real stones. The black resin, named ‘Uber Black’, is so deep that any other black pen just looks somewhat dark. Gemstones is truly a new inspiration for collectors.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza Gemstones $298-$498 $238-$398

Final Fall Styles Arrive

Just Introduced and Instock

Blast Off with Us!

We’re celebrating one of America’s greatest achievements, the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon and back.


We’re presenting five unique and quite amazing tributes from the pen world. The Fisher Limited Edition features and actual piece of the mission. The Retro collectable ‘Popper’ takes the celebration to a limited-edition fountain pen at $120. Montegrappa blows us away with a video demonstrating the production of their Limited Editions. 

Our favorite is the Montegrappa Open Edition. This design has all the elements of the Titanium & Gold Edition selling for $47,400, but at a more accessible price starting at $396.


Moon Landing Open Edition

This fine writing instrument is crafted entirely in aluminum with stainless steel trim. The ‘Open Edition Moon Landing’ duplicates the same aerodynamic design and visual effects as its Limited-Edition companion. The innovative packaging includes a remarkable...read more

Moon Landing Open Edition Starts at $396

Limited Edition

Offering a mix of engineering, design and exhilarating writing pleasure, Moon Landing LE boasts a striking combination of white pearlised resin and polished Sterling Silver trim, with decorative enameling to evoke the fuselage markings of the original...read more

Moon Landing Limited Edition from $7,140

Titanium & Gold Edition from $46,200*

*Please speak to our Buyer about special pricing 

for this limited edition 720.259.1598

Artisans in America

Skillfully handcrafted by artisans in Ohio from leather tanned in Tennessee. Each step of the process is deliberately slow and careful: the final selection of each piece of leather, the careful die-cutting, the hands that feed the leather onto sewing machines. Then, experienced eyes inspect the final...read more


Deluxe Padfolio $119   Tab Portfolio $155

Expect delivery in 5 – 7 days


Twist showcases a minimalist design using ball bearings as a clever solution to keep it from rolling away. The finish is permanently anodized for protection. Minimalism and function at its very best.

29 Colors of Inspiration 

Colorado Pen ink is scientifically formulated for high performance. Drawing this velvety, specially formulated ink into your Ink Ball’s converter will be a pleasure. Forming letters and jotting off a quick signature, enthralling. This revolutionary Austrian formula contains a lubricant to clean and protect your Ink Ball, and reduce the potential for clogging. Conveniently, this formula resists drying if your pen is idle for short durations...Read More

Liquid Ink writing for ¼ the cost

Since 1945, Americans have favored the ‘ballpoint’ writing mode. Even today, 60% of ‘fine writing instruments’ are the ballpoint variety. Why? It’s cheap and convenient. But is it really the least expensive way to write with a ‘ballpoint’ tip?

“You can’t afford NOT to buy this!”

Choose our Ink Ball technology and writing just became significantly less costly. Our Ink Ball tip uses a simple plug and play liquid ink cartridge. Each box of six cartridges is equal to about two ballpoint refills. A box of ink cartridges costs $3.50. Our average ballpoint sells for $7 - $11. Choose to use your ink converter and a bottle of ink...Read More

American Pen Company
Independence Ink Ball $205
Minimalist Ink Ball $99

Mention Our Name

Regal's British Museum Collection combines design elements seen in the Museum but goes one further with a pearl adorning the top. The simple svelte body is crafted from resin over copper. Beautifully balanced and a joy to hold. But don't overlook the primary feature; extreme value! Priced at just $45 for the German tipped fountain pen you should consider buying both colors as surely a friend will beg you to borrow yours. And be sure to mention where you found this magnificent writer. We'll have one waiting.