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720.259.1601 Friendly, experienced Customer Service standing by 8-2 p.m. M.T.

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Parker Waterman Rebate

Father’s Day Graduation

Reward your Dad with a seriously functional Monteverde Tool Pen! It has all the occasional tools he needs at hand.

You can recognize the graduates in your world with our unique and best selling YOOKERS Metis. It features a new dimension in writing; a quality fiber tip. The Black Matte Metis can be laser engraved for free.free-engraving1

Or choose the Yookers Grid or Champagne.  Why not choose the solid brass Tool Pen? These all include a Gift with Purchase APC Leather Sleeve for long term protection.


9 Functions One Pen

The Ballpoint Tool Pen’s heavy weight, 6-sided barrel houses a smooth writing ballpoint at one end and an ultra sensitive touch screen stylus at the other. Under the stylus top are Phillips and flat head screwdrivers. On the barrel is a level, ruler and three different measuring scales. The chiseled spring clip will hold the One Touch Tool pen securely in a pocket, ready to handle more jobs than any other pen!

Monteverde Tool Pen

Better Buy a Spare

When you wield this 21st century writer, you’d better be prepared to pass it around the conference table. After jealously watching you effortlessly jot meeting notes, your associates will definitely be asking questions. Then mention your Yookers can write in any ink known to man!

Yookers Metis

The Yookers Felt-Tip pens literally glide across a quality paper. And, it’s refillable with a simple international ink cartridge. Even more enticing are the choices of four writing tips from extra fine to a nice broad line. Choose your favorite design and then add a few tip choices!

Just the Start

Perhaps it is the first fountain pen you will try. Maybe a rollerball is the initial inspiration you need to tackle a new project. The ballpoint may be the perfect good-luck gift for a college freshman. We welcome back the Sheaffer Prelude collection in new lacquer finishes. Select a new glossy black lacquer pen, accented with popular gunmetal trim. Rose gold trim adorns the blue lacquer models. Go all the way with the new snazzy Merlot or Blue Lacquers. All finishes come in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint modes. The perfect Prelude to just about everything.


Fountain Pen, 

Rollerball & Ballpoint 

Starting at $70

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Intensify Your Writing

Intensity puts a fine point on style with its clean, contemporary lines. These new for ’21 Deep Etched Red Lacquer, Matte Black and Bronze finishes are fashion forward and instant classics! The Sheaffer Intensity is an affordable pen that’s perfect for gifting or for treating yourself. Features the Sheaffer White Dot®, the trademark symbol of writing excellence. Lifetime Mechanical Warranty


Fountain Pen, 

Rollerball & Ballpoint 

Starting at $74

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Esterbrook-RebornStrike Gold

This striking new Esterbrook Gold Rush Limited Edition will sell fast. We have a significant stock on-hand. The swirls of gold in the Prospector Black and Dreamer Purple are impossible to show. In person, these unique to each pen resins, shimmer and glow. There has never been a resin like this before. And, it’s a custom mix of resin and colors made right here in the U.S.A., for Esterbrook. Save 20% while this limited production exists.

The Estie Limited Edition Gold Rush is a typical size and weight. The blended and turned acrylic resin is striking. Hand-finished to a gleaming shine, you’ll admire your purchase with every stroke. The trim is a gold tone. The Esterbrook  ‘Cushion Cap Closure’ is just a push and single twist. It’s designed to securely seal the nib to ensure a wet point. The handy ballpoint is a favored twist to deploy writer. 

Gold Rush

starting at $236
20% Savings in Effect

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We Could all Use a Personal(ized) Sherpa

21 Choices from Mild to Wild

Sherpa Inserts

Every Sherpa Cover arrives with a black Sharpie and a
black .7mm rollerball insert.

Sherpa Designed Optional Inserts to Refill Your Pen

So many options and so much fun! Choose from any of the below inserts for your Sherpa. Already have a Sherpa? Any option below changes your Sherpa into a fountain pen, JetBall, rollerball, highlighter, fiber tip or even a standard old ballpoint pen.

Customize your own personal Sherpa

1. Choose your favorite Sherpa cover

2. Choose from these six writing modes



Most Popular Cross Ever?

Created with a keen appreciation for modernist design, Century II offers a bolder look and wider girth than the original Classic Century. Saturated with color or finessed with precious metal, it's everything Cross is famous for, only bigger.

Beautiful precious metal and translucent lacquer finishes are of the highest quality.  The pen is precision balanced and weighted for a rich, tactile experience. Each Cross Century II is presented in a luxury gift box and includes a Lifetime Mechanical Guarantee.

Century II
Fountain Pen, 
Rollerball & Ballpoint
Starting at $100

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Artisans in America

Skillfully handcrafted by artisans in Ohio from leather tanned in Tennessee. Each step of the process is deliberately slow and careful: the final selection of each piece of leather, the careful die-cutting, the hands that feed the leather onto sewing machines. Then, experienced eyes inspect the final...read more


Deluxe Padfolio $155   Tab Portfolio $195

Expect delivery in 5 – 7 days

Mega More Than Ever!

Monteverde Logo

Mention Our Name

Regal's British Museum Collection combines design elements seen in the Museum but goes one further with a pearl adorning the top. The simple svelte body is crafted from resin over copper. Beautifully balanced and a joy to hold. But don't overlook the primary feature; extreme value! Priced at just $45 for the German tipped fountain pen you should consider buying both colors as surely a friend will beg you to borrow yours. And be sure to mention where you found this magnificent writer. We'll have one waiting.