Visconti debuts Dr. Gachet & Red Vineyard

Vincent Van Gogh is considered to be one of the most important painters in art history. Inspired by the famous artist, Visconti re-imagined his colors, textures and emotions to create their world famous Van Gogh collection. The collection is a tribute to the impressionist art movement and is now a Visconti icon around the world.

Each year Visconti creates at least one new writing instrument inspired by Van Gogh's most famous works. In 2018, Visconti is thrilled to announce not one, but two new colors for the Van Gogh collection. "The Red Vineyard" and "Dr. Gachet" will be joining the ranks of one of Visconti's most popular collections. 

Luscious greens, yellows, browns and blues swirl together in honor of van Gogh's Irises, painted near the end of his year-long stay at the asylum in Saint-Rémy. Rich browns are combined with touches of green, yellow and white to remind one of the Pollard Willow watercolor painted by van Gogh in 1882. These fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoints join the original designs of Starry Night and the Self Portrait series. 

The subtle 18 faceted sides enhance the unique design in each vivid color. All are trimmed in silver with the name of the artist and painting delicately engraved on the center ring. The Visconti magnetic locking closure magically recaps your fountain pen or rollerball. All van Gogh ballpoints utilize a Parker-style refill which deploys with a simple twist. Fountain pens feature a fine, medium or broad steel nib and include a converter, but no cartridges. Rollerballs refill with any standard refill offered by assorted manufacturers. An amazing bonus is the dynamic gift box featuring a reproduction of the original artwork.

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As classic as the man himself

Vibrant reds and blues, shadowy dark black or fun with pink? These are the choices you’ll face with this classic collection of Rembrandts. It’s all about the color ! Every single Classic Collection piece is unique due the use of this variegated resin. It’s a collector more

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