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 Here you can directly explore your pen's options by selecting a brand from the chart below. After selecting your brand you'll see every possible option to fit your ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen. Choices abound! For ballpoint pens we offer GEL, Liquid and Standard inks. You'll also find a selection of point sizes from fine to broad on many refills. Often, we offer up to 10 color choices. 

According to our suppliers, we sell more refills than any other single resource in the U.S. We are committed to sending you the freshest pen refills as fast as we possibly can. That's our commitment to your choice in Colorado Pen Direct as your refill provider of choice. 

A free fountain pen cleaning from Your Friends at Colorado Pen

We get an amazing number of fountain pens sent to our offices in Colorado for cleaning. This pleases us beyond description. Almost all of these pens arrive with a detailed note explaining what may be wrong with their pen and why they’ve regrettably, stopped using them. 

How it works

First, we disassemble and soak the pen. After usually two days of soaking and rinsing, the nib and feed go into a warm ultrasonic bath of cleaning solution. This loosens the tiny ‘crusties’ of pigment residue rinsing just won’t dislodge. Once its completely cleaned to like new condition, the pen is reassembled and extensively tested. We ship the pen back with your pen’s writing test and any suggestions if needed.

Print our 'Fountain Pen Cleaning Form' to get started.